Leap Year: What would YOU grab?

Review by: Stacey Tuttle

The pivotal question in Leap Year is when Declan asks Anna if her house was burning and she had 60 seconds, what would she grab.  Interestingly, we don’t ever know Anna’s answer to that question.  However, her search for an answer changes how she has evaluated the men in her life.  She watches as her fiancé, Jeremy, scrambles to grab electronics – cell phone, iPod, computer, camera, etc. – thinking there is a possible fire in the building.  Certainly, we understand to a point – it’s hard to replace a phone or computer – all the work and files and contacts, etc.  But it was all centered around possessions and work and accomplishments.  This is starkly contrasted with Declan who said he would grab a ring, significant in that it was a family heirloom and had belonged to his mother.  Declan was sentimental and put little stock in name brands and titles.  Anna had to choose: did she want to spend her life with a man who would be married to his job and possessions, or to a man who would be married to her and his family?  One guy might make better money, but the other was nearly guaranteed to take better care of her.  One would know her taste in shoes, the other would know her heart. 

It’s a simple question, but can reveal so much about a person.  It’s a great question to ask – whether it’s in response to Leap Year or just in casual conversation – if you only had a few minutes, the house is going down in flames, what would you grab?  See what matters most to the people around you.  It can lead to some great discussions about their priorities and what fulfills them (or what they think fulfills them!).  It’s a great question to ask for a natural segue from your culture into areas of faith.