Endless Love Quotes

Endless Love – Quotes

Narrator:  There was a girl.  A beautiful girl.  Surrounded by people, but utterly alone.

Jade:  High school is where you’re supposed to make friends you’ll keep forever.  I don’t know any of them.  I don’t know me.

Mace:  Is my Fat Burger evidence?  Because I’d like to keep eating it.

Mace:  It was ME!  I ate the Fat Burger!

Game Emcee:  And now, someone named Jade Butterfield and her new friend—give him a hand but not your car keys!

David:   I heard you’re trying to get your car running again.
Hugh:  Why?  You going to steal it if I do?

David:  At the end of the day, I do think that love comes first.  What’s more important than that?
Keith:  Oxygen?

David:  …the kind of love you fight for, that makes you want to be better.

Hugh:  Homeless and in love.  Sounds great.
David:  Maybe I should’ve said I was going to college.

Hugh:  So I should just encourage her to fall in love and have her heart broken?
Anne:  Yes, you should.  I bet she’d be great at it.

Jade:  I don’t want to wait.  I want to feel this with you.

Jade:  We’re doing so well….  Some families never heal, but we’re doing so well.
David:  It’s OK if none of that’s true.
Jade:  But it is.
David:  I know.  But it’s OK if it isn’t.

Hugh:  The internship is your ticket into medical school.

Hugh:  You know, of all the reasons to sacrifice everything you’ve worked for—a BOY.  That’s very unlike you.

Keith:  I heard about your internship.  It’s nice to know I’m not the only one disappointing Dad.

Hugh:  Inviting David was never part of the plan.
Jade:  He’s my guest and he’s staying.
Keith:  Whew!  Jade just became a woman!

Hugh:  That’s not part of the plan!
Anne:  I think she’s right on track.

Hugh to David about disclosing the affair:  If you continue down this road, you will regret it.

Keith, mocking his dad:  Communications.  Isn’t that for yoga instructors?

Mace:  Go to the zoo.  Sneak in.  Get a little high.  OK.  Get a LOT high.

Anne:  He’s sparked something in all of us:  laughter in my son, an awakening in my daughter, a desire in me.

Anne to Hugh:  I remember who you are.  Who WE were.

Anne:   I love the way he loves our daughter.

David:  As happy as I am to see you, I was hoping it wasn’t going to be you.

Hugh:  It’s time to le her go.  Let her have the success she deserves.
David:  Is that what you want or what she wants?
Hugh:  This is just a summer fling.  It’s not real love.
David:  You are in NO position to talk to me about real love.

Hugh:  That love you talked about doesn’t exist….  Jade will get bored with you….  As hard as you try, you won’t be able to hang on to her….  You’re not good enough….  You’re just like your father.

Hugh:  You had my entire family fooled, never me.  This is the real you.  This is exactly who you are.

David:  It was stupid and you know it.
Mace:  It was fun.

David:  I know I’m not good enough or you, but I’m not going to spend my whole life trying to prove that I am.
Jade:  You’re a coward!  You don’t fight for love.  You’re terrified of it.

Hugh:  I’ve lost a child.  I’m not losing another. Not for you or your low life son.

Jade:  Tell him I love him?!
Harry:  Don’t do that Jade.  That’s not fair, honey.

Harry:  She loved you.  She believed in you.  I’m not letting you make the same mistake I made.  You fight for her, and I’ll be proud of you.

Anne:  Stop persecuting the poor kid and look at who you’ve become.

Hugh:  I couldn’t save him.  I tried.  I just…I just couldn’t.  And what I’ve done…people I’ve hurt…  I’m sorry but, I don’t know how this happened.
David:  It’s OK.  It’s not too late.

Anne to Jade about her father:  I think you should let him take you to the airport.
Jade:  I don’t want to leave you like this.
Anne:  I need you to.  It’s your love that inspires me.  Inspire me.  Every day.

Jade:  My first love was everything, all at once….  The kind you never fall back from.  Never want to….  The kind that never dies….  The kind you fight for.