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A good bridge needs both a strong foundation and a significant reach.  Bridges527 is no different!  Here are some ways you can support us in both of those areas!



Our foundation is first and foremost the Lord and we depend on Him for all we do, so we take prayer seriously at Bridges527 and are blessed to have a dedicated team praying for specific needs and opportunities as they arise. If you would like to be included on the private prayer request update list, please contact us here.


You might argue that some of these are foundational matters, but I believe our only foundational element to be the Lord and prayerful dependence on Him.   Therefore, I’m considering all of these issues of reach—these are things which will help extend our reach.


Bridges527 is a non-profit ministry, funded primarily by charitable giving. If you would like to make a financial contribution to support the work of Bridges527, please visit our donations page here.

AND—visit our store and purchase something for sale – all proceeds go to support our ministry!  (Keep checking back – this is something we plan to grow!)


Help us get the word out!  Like us on Facebook.  Follow us on Twitter.  Forward articles and videos to friends.  Use our stationary to send notes to friends.  Join us for gatherings and meet ups and have us come speak at events.  Comment and give feedback and even contribute content!  Be part of our village and tell people about us!  Your support and feedback and interaction does more to encourage us than you can imagine!  It also does more to grow our ministry and increase our reach and effectiveness than you can imagine.  It takes a village, and we want you to be part of ours…just as we want to be part of yours.  Nothing will extend our reach quite like grass roots community support!