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Digging Deep.

“Digging Deep” : The first part of a good bridge is to dig deep and have a solid foundation.  We believe that foundation is Christ and that we get to know Him best through reading His Word.  If you’re looking for resources to help you go deeper into theology, understanding the Bible, even understanding other religions from a Christian perspective—this is for you!

How Old Is the Earth?

One of the most common topics in faith/culture conversations these days is creation vs. evolution and, more particularly, the question […]

Bible Basics 4 – How Do We Know When to Read the Bible Literally or Figuratively?

So, how do we know when to read the Bible literally vs. reading it figuratively?  Well, again, as we’re going […]

Bible Basics 3- Don’t Get Hung-Up on the So-Called Literal Meaning of a Text

One of the things that sometimes divides what we might call “conservative” Christianity from “liberal” Christianity has to do with […]

Bible Basics 2: Meaning + Significance = Application

In the last installment of Bible Basics, we made the point that a passage means only what its A(a)uthor[1] intended […]

Bible Basics 1 – Who Decides What the Bible Means

The goal of biblical interpretation is simple:  to understand what God meant by each thing He said in the Bible. […]

4 Simple Truths Part 4 – The More You Read the Bible the Better You’ll Understand It

This principle is so basic I’m almost embarrassed to include it in the list, but it’s definitely one of those […]