When in Rome Movie Review

When in Rome

Movie Review by Stacey Tuttle

Essentially, When in Rome is a story about a jaded girl who doesn’t really believe in sweep-you-off-your-feet kind of love.  Beth is always “waiting for the shoe to drop” in a relationship.  Then she meets someone…but it’s not that simple.  She withdrew coins from the Fountain of Love and according to legend, whoever’s coin she took will be in love with her until the coins are returned.  So, she has to face the strong possibility that the guy she is in love with may only be interested in her due to the fountain’s spell. 

Here is where we get a little gem in this movie.  Beth realizes that though she desperately wants to have Nick’s love, and though he may never know she took the coins from the fountain, “If I take his love against his will, it isn’t love at all.”  So, at the risk of losing his love, she returns the coin. 

And it is for this same reason that God gave mankind a choice in the Garden of Eden.  He wanted our love – our real love – not a forced, false love.  It is not enough to have the love of someone who is under a spell and has no control over their will and emotions.  Love must be given freely.  It must be a choice if it is to be love. 

In return, think what a glorious thing we receive!  We get that same kind of love, that love that loves because it wants to, because it’s its choice to love, from God.  God, creator of the universe chooses to, wants to love us.  US!  Our finite, flawed, ridiculously peonic selves – we are loved in all our imperfection by His perfection.  And He loved us enough to give us the choice to love Him back, risky as it was. 

Questions for Discussion:

  • Do you struggle with or wonder why God allowed Adam and Eve choice?
  • Has the perfect love of God ever overwhelmed you?
  • Have you chosen to love God in response?