The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – Movie Resources

C. S. Lewis’s masterpiece works, the Chronicles of Narnia, are simply pregnant with spiritual application.  Now that they are major blockbuster films, they are an even greater opportunity than ever before to engage even our non-believing friends in discussions about faith.  The question isn’t the richness of the material, but rather our ability to use the material well.  The films and the stories provide an easy, non-threatening platform from which you may dive into depths of conversation you may have previously found difficult to reach.  But how? is a tool specifically designed to help pastors and ministry leaders to use The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in their church. But really, it’s an effective tool for anyone who would like to know how to use the movie as a ministry tool. 

The website has three main sections.

  • Learn: The first section contains a video welcome from Douglas Gresham and has an About C.S. Lewis article by Dr. Kevin Belmont of the C.S. Lewis Foundation and an essay “The Jack I Knew” by Douglas Gresham.
  • Teach: This section opens with a welcome video from Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary. There are sermon outlines, study guides, and youth resources. It also has a section of downloadable clips that you can use for illustration purposes.
  • Engage: This section opens with a welcome video from Franklin Graham (Samaritan’s Purse). There are links which provide opportunities to get engaged in various ways with the messages of Narnia.  Links include: Operation Narnia, Narnia Night, and Group–Fun for the Whole Family Hour. 

While each section has valuable resources, it is in the Teach section that you will find the most help for interpreting the movie and applying the lessons to your life.  There are lessons on beauty and bravery, talking to your kids about Aslan, Lewis’ view of providence, and much more.