Quotes from THE HELP movie

Quotes from THE HELP movie

Compiled by Stacey Tuttle

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After my boy died, a bitter seed was planted in me.  -Aibileen

Ugly is something that grows up inside you.

Every day you wake up and you’re not in the ground, you have to make some decisions.

Your mama didn’t pick her life, it chose her.  But you gonna do something big with yours.  –Constantine to Skeeter

Courage: Daring to do what is right in spite of the weakness in our flesh.

What if you don’t like what I got to say about white people? –Aibileen to Constantine

18 people were killed in Jackson that night. 10 white and 8 black. I don’t think God has color in mind when he sets a tornado loose.-Aibileen

If you can love your enemy, you already have victory. – The Preacher

Love and hate are two horns on the same goat, Eugenia.  And you need a goat. –Charlotte to Skeeter

You is kind.  You is smart.  You is important. –Aibileen to Mae Mobley

Courage sometimes skips a generation.  Thank you for bringing it back to our family. – Charlotte to Skeeter

Bad things happen for no reason.  Now there’s a reason for it. –Aibileen about the risks they are taking to write their stories

God says we need to love our enemies.  It’s hard to do, but it starts with telling the truth. –Aibileen

Go find your life, Miss Skeeter.

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