Footloose – Quotes

Footloose – Quotes

Compiled by Stacey Tuttle

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  • He is testing us.  Our Lord is testing us.  Especially when we are consumed with why. – Rev. Shaw Moore
  • One day our kids will no longer be in our embrace.  They will belong to the world – a world filled with evil… but for now, they are ours to protect. – Rev. Shaw Moore
  • In this economy, that’s the best we got.  You best learn to love it. – Uncle Wes to Ren about his new job
  • I’ve yet to meet an ATM machine that would give me a piece of bazooka chewing gum, let alone make me feel special. … technology allows people to tune out, but people should tune in to each other instead. – Rev. Shaw Moore about the effect of technology on relationships (in comparison to a banker that used to hand out gum and made people feel special)
  • Chuck:  I’m a man.  You’re my rebel child.

Ariel:  I’m not a child.

Chuck:  Prove it.

Ariel:  Shut the door. (she begins to remove her blouse)

  • The three R’s:  Reading, Riting and Redneckery – Ren
  • I can’t even wear a bandana in class for fear I might be in a gang.  How am I supposed to wipe the sweat off my face?  This country was built on bandanas! – Willard
  • Sunday is God’s day.  If you wanna drink beer on God’s day you gotta buy in on Beer’s day—and that’s Saturday. – Uncle Wes
  • Stop trying to act like you know me.  Stop trying to act like you know my mother.  You didn’t know s***. – Ren
  • You wanna drop down and tumble right here?  Ok. But you know sometime that sweat’s gonna dry and you’re gonna feel like s***.  That’s for Chuck.  Not me.  – Ren to Ariel
  • Ren:  The Law – it’s meant to be challenged.  It’s not written in stone.

Willard:  The 10 commandments were.

  • Aunt Lulu:  Why is this dance so important? 

Ren:  All that hard work [to save my mom] and I couldn’t do anything.  But with this, maybe I can do something, for myself this time.  …  Otherwise I’m just gonna disappear like everyone else.

  • Maybe he’s a bad influence on your daughter.  Or maybe it’s the other way around. – Uncle Wes to Rev. Moore
  • Listen to me you corn fed tick. – Willard or Ariel??
  • Ariel:  I’m so sick of you treating me like dirt.

Chuck:  Treating you like a hussie we screw on weekends?  Because that’s what I thought you wanted.

  • Bobby spent his whole life trying to make you proud. …There was one mistake…  Now all everyone remembers about him is that once accident. – Ariel to her Dad, Rev. Moore
  • I have been SO lost.  I have been losing it and you don’t even care. – Ariel to her Dad, Rev. Moore
  • You gonna pass another law?  Because that sure didn’t keep him outta my panties. – Ariel to her Dad, Rev. Moore
  • Let’s go get that guy who blackened my eye, because we don’t do that, do we daddy. – Ariel to her Dad, Rev. Moore after he got mad and hit her face
  •  You were trying to hold this town together and protect our children. – Mrs. Vi Moore
  • Dancing can be destructive.  – Rev. Shaw Moore
  • That is the job of a parent – to worry.  I get that.  But ours, as teenagers, is to [have fun and act stupid.] – Ren

He then quotes from Psalms “Dance before the Lord.”  He mentions David dancing before the Lord and quotes from Ecclesiastes “there is a time for every purpose under heaven…a time to dance…”

That’s all we’re doing here. – Ren

  • Death is on its own clock. – Ren
  • I’ve insisted on taking responsibility for your lives, but I’m really just like a first time parent who makes mistakes as he goes along.  …Do I hold on or do I trust you to yourselves?  Do I let go and trust you to have learned the lessons I’ve taught you?  How do I teach you trustworthiness if I don’t trust you? – Rev. Shaw Moore
  • I k now it’s been hard on you and I know I haven’t made it any easier.  I just don’t want you to be disappointed in me anymore.  – Ariel
  • I think you’re sexier than socks on a rooster. – Rusty

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