Christmas Conversation #24: How do you respond to feeling like someone else “does Christmas better” than you?

By Stacey Tuttle

Do you have a Martha Stewart protégé for your neighbor?  You know the kind.  She has her Christmas decorations expertly in place the day after Thanksgiving, complete with all homemade ornaments that make even Christopher Radko green with envy.    She has fresh floral arrangements from her own greenhouse.  She plans a Christmas party every year and cooks every item on the elaborate buffet from scratch—all from recipes she created herself (oh, and her recipes are also in a cookbook that she e-published because of all the demand for them on her blog).  She even hand calligraphies the place cards and freezes colored ice cubes in the shapes of miniature Christmas trees and wreaths and little red-ball ornaments, just to make the beverages look more festive. 

Her gifts are all wrapped with beautiful paper and ornate bows and setting out under the tree…by December first.  Her gifts are the favorites with all of the teachers and the church personnel…and frankly, you feel that yours are an embarrassment next to hers, so you do your best to try to give yours before she does—it’s the only hope your little gifts have of being appreciated.  Which is a great plan, except, remember… she has hers all ready to go by December 1 while you haven’t even made out your list yet, much less gotten the gifts purchased and wrapped and delivered. 

I have known those types.  I envy them.  I envy their perfection as much as the beauty that surrounds them.  I love the perfect decorations and beautiful wrapped gifts and delicious, even ornate cooking…  But more than anything, I love the idea of having it all done ahead of time so I could really enjoy it all…so that maybe I too could put a little more effort into making something truly special, rather than just surviving and trying to have something at all.

What happens when you see those types?  What is your response?  Are you envious?  Does it inspire you to try to do more?  Do you suddenly want to make a little more effort because they really do make things so special, and you’d like to do that too?  Or do you feel overwhelmed by their perfection?  Do you just give up because you can never do what Ms. Martha Stewart does…so there’s no point in tryin’?     

It may not be that you are overwhelmed by someone’s decorative and culinary skills.  Maybe it’s their ability to be all-spiritual-like during the holidays.  Maybe it’s that family in your church who spends all Christmas serving in the homeless shelters.  The ones whose children spontaneously decide that they don’t want a single gift; they have enough.  They would like for their gifts instead to ALL be given to inner-city kids or orphans or starving kids in Africa.  They read the Christmas story as a family, outloud, EVERY night of the Christmas season…only they don’t even have to read it because they have all memorized it and recite it together… from memory. 

Again, I ask you.  What is your response?  Maybe a better question is what should be your response?   How do you handle it when you feel someone “does Christmas better” than you do?

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