Christmas Conversation #16: What are your best ideas for using Christmas to spur conversations about Jesus?

By Stacey Tuttle

Dear Cyber-Counselors at large,

Yesterday’s Shepherd Project Ministry question was how to give gifts that invited people to be curious about Jesus, even attracted to Jesus and how to avoid being pushy and turning people off to Jesus.  Good question…and good responses.  I have a lot to think about thanks to all of your input.  So, I’m seeking your input once again.  

Today’s SPM Christian Conversation question of the day has the same heart, but instead of focusing on the gifts we give, it centers around the conversations we have at Christmastime.  (Which is good, because yesterday’s question started me thinking about this very thing myself!)

Here is what I am wondering:  as we find ourselves in conversations with others during this season, at work, with neighbors, with family, even with strangers out and about, how do you gently turn those conversations into conversations about Jesus?  What are you ideas for ways to make these conversations inviting?  How do you work to keep the other person seeking more, rather than wishing they could escape another “pushy Christian”?  (Umm…should I confess that I have actually heard that others sometimes think that I am that kind of pushy Christian…can you believe that?!  I guess I need some help.)

I’m trusting you have some good ideas, guidelines, and personal experiences to share.  I could use some help AND some encouragement in this area. 

Anxiously awaiting your responses,

Clueless in Conversation

PS.  If you haven’t seen this video, I found it really challenging and encouraging.  One the one hand, I heard some of my well-intentioned but ill-executed comments through a non-Christian’s eyes.  Ouch!  But on the other hand it gave me hope that maybe sometimes when someone says they feel like I’m pushy, maybe they are still soaking in more than they act like.  It gives me hope that God is able to use my blunders in this area…but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get better!!!!

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