Breaking Dawn Part 1—Quote Compilation

Compiled by Stacey Tuttle

  • Bella:  “Childhood is not from birth to a certain age…childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies.”


  • Charlie Swan as he prepares to walk Bella down the isle: “Ready?”
  • Bella:  “Just don’t let me fall, Dad.”
  • Charlie:  “Never.”


  • Edward to Bella: “No measure of time with you will ever be enough, but let’s start with forever.”


  • Edward:  “It’s an extraordinary thing to meet someone you can bear your soul to, who’ll accept you for what you are.”


  • Jake to Bella at her wedding: “You’d think I’d be used to telling you goodbye by now.”


  • Edward to Seth:  “If Sam comes after Bella, are you really prepared to fight your brothers, your sister?
  • Seth:  “If it’s the right thing to do.”


  • Leah:  “Being unwanted isn’t exactly anything new for me.  You don’t know how much I wish I could imprint on someone, anyone…just to break the connection.”


  • Jacob about Bella’s baby:  “Do you honestly think I could love it or tolerate it if it killed you?”


  • Edward to Bella:  “I’m sorry I’ve been so angry.  I’ve left you alone in this.”


  • Regarding imprinting:  “It’s like gravity.  You would do anything, be anything, she needs:  friend, brother, protector.”


  • Edward:  “Whoever a werewolf imprints on can’t be harmed.  It’s their most absolute law.”


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