New Year’s Eve—Movie Quotes

Compiled by Stacey Tuttle

·         Stan Harris:  “The only people who ever cared about me, I pissed off a long time ago.”


·         Daniel:  “Sorry I ran Laura.”

·         Laura:  “Oh Daniel, you sprinted.”


·         Claire:  “I’m ready to commit to what I really love—my work.”


·         15-year old Hailey to her mother about going out on New Year’s Eve:  “Supervision is for kids. We are young adults.”


·         Hailey to her mother:  “Mom, I’m over it.  I’m over it and I’m over you.  …You’re just some wannabe hipster who judges everything and who’s too scared to take a chance.”


·         Claire:  “Triumphs and missteps, promises made and broken, open ourselves up to new adventures or close ourselves down—New Years’ is about a chance to do better.”


·         What Kim asked Sam:  “That’s all great, but how’s your heart?”


·         Grandpa Jed to Sam:  “What’s the worst that can happen?  If she’s not there, you go back to your life.”

·         Maude:  “Oh, that’s not it.  You’re afraid she will be there.”


·         Claire to Jensen:  “Maybe all she wants is to not have to share you with the rest of the world.”


·         Sam quoting his father:  “What would you do today if you knew you would not fail?  No go out and do it.”


·         Narrated:  “It’s OK to listen to your heart.  I know it’s risky.  Go ahead and take that leap.  There are so many things you can’t control:  earthquakes, war, famine.  It’s important to remember the things we can control, things like love and forgiveness.  … Love in every one of its forms.  Loves gives us hope.  Hope for the New Year.”


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