War Horse: Quotes from the Movie

Compiled By Stacey Tuttle

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  • Ted Narracott: “There are big days and there are small days – which will it be?” (as he bids on a horse)
  • Ted Narracott: “Most days are small days…this, this is a big one.”
  • “Not a dollop of ordinary sense but that thick stubbornness, that will lead him to believe in the impossible.”  (Spoken about either Albert or Ted Narracott?)
  • Rose Narracott, about her husband and his war medals:  “What he done in South Africa, hard [and brave] though it may be, he refuses to be proud of it.  Guess he just refuses to be proud of killin’.  Think how brave he is for refusin’ to be proud.”
  • Ted Narracott: “I used to believe that God gave each man his share o’ bad luck.  I don’t believe that anymore.”
  • Ted Narracott:  “You’ll stop loving me Rose, and I won’t blame you when you do.”
  • Rose: “Well, I might hate you more, but I’ll never love you less.”

  • Ted Narracott: “Do you want to lose the farm, Rose?”
  • Rose shakes her head no, “It’s the way you did it.” (he sold Albert’s horse, Joey, to save the farm, without telling Albert.)
  • “Maybe there are different ways to be brave.”


  • “Here you have carrier pigeons flying over war, never looking down.  What could be braver than that?”


  • Collin (about horses):  “Running away is all they have, and we taught him to run straight into the fray.”
  • German soldier, after losing Joey in a coin toss to the opposing army: “That’s the face of my Kaiser and he does not look pleased with me.”