Ever Wanted To Be In Pictures?

Shepherd Project Ministries is looking for volunteers to be part of a photo shoot for the 2012 Word Conference.  We’re creating a coffee-shop scene in which a Christian is telling a group of type-cast individuals (a professor, a businesswoman, a punk-rocker, etc.) about Jesus.  We’ll be shooting both still-frame photography as well as short video clips.  All footage will be used to promote the 2012 Word Conference, coming back to Denver Nov. 2-3.

We need your help to create a realistic crowd scene.  If you could join us for a couple of hours on Thursday, March 8 at the DB Beanery in Castle Rock, Colorado, starting at 4:30 pm, we would be so grateful!

If you are willing and able to help us out, just fill out this short form below and we’ll send you more details.  Thank you!

Please pass this on to friends and family that you think might be interested!

NOTE:  This is not a paid acting gig! 🙂  But you’re allowed to point yourself out in the postcards, posters, web pages, etc. and say “hey, that’s me!”  Plus, we’ll give you a discount code good for $10 of the 2012 Word Conference registration!


Location of the DB Beanery in Castle Rock:

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