John Carter—Quotes

Compiled by Stacey Tuttle

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  • “Mars – or so you name it and think that you know it.”


  • “We’re nothing but a warring species and I want no part of it.” 


  • John Carter:  “War is a shameful thing.”
  • Princess:  “Not when a noble cause is taken up by those who can make a difference.”


  • Matai Shang:  “To truly demoralize a nation requires a spectacle of the grandest sort.”


  • John Carter:  “Everyone thinks their cause is virtuous.”


  • Princess:  “If you have the means to save others, would you not take any action possible to make it so?”


  • Princess:  “We have been worlds apart and yet I know you John Carter.  [You are] a man willing to lay down his life for others.  A man willing to fight for a cause.”


  • Princess:  “I fled to find another way.  You are the other way.”


  • “Anything is possible.  All you have to do is marry me.”


  • Matai Shang:  “We do not cause the destruction of a world, Captain Carter. We simply manage it. Feed off it, if you like.”


  • Princess:  “A warrior may change his mettle, but not his heart.”


  • Tars Tarkas:  “When I saw you jump, I wished to believe it was a sign that something great can come into this world.”


  • Tars Tarkas:  “Ahhh…your spirit annoys me.”


  • John Carter:  “Oh, and Ned—take up a cause, fall in love, write a book.”


If you boil John Carter down to the main plot line (and by that I’m admittedly setting aside some of the sub-plots of Carter’s own woundedness, his journey to find himself again, and a cause worth fighting for…all great material for a lot of deep discussion) you get a story very much like the story of Jesus in the Bible.  …click here to read full article.