Again, thank you so, so much!  I am in your debt!


Attached is the powerpoint I am currently using for the introduction to Acts as well as the quiz.  I’m afraid I don’t have any real lecture notes like you were kind enough to give me for the BI lecture, but I imagine you have this material pretty well memorized, so hopefully you won’t need much of my stuff.  I’m primarily concerned about getting in the overall introductory material covered.  Any more than you get to will be icing on the cake!


One discussion note:  on the slide that mentions the casting of lots for the choosing of the 12th apostle, I usually start a discussion about why we don’t do this anymore.  I imagine the best answer is that the arrival of the Holy Spirit made such practices obsolete, but the discussion is usually an interesting one.  I’ve had some Korean students share that their churches sometimes still do this as a way to avoid church dissension when there is a choice between two apparently equal options.


Class meets from 1-3:45 in the classroom immediately to the right once you enter the classroom building.  I usually:


  1.  Start with prayer
  2. Hand out the quiz and give them about 10 minutes to finish it.
  3. We usually grade the quiz in-class.  They mark their own papers (I figure if they’re going to cheat on a New Testament quiz they have some other issues to deal with!) and then hand them in.  You are welcome to do this or not as you prefer.
  4. We usually take a 15 minute break that starts sometime between 2:15 and 2:40 or so.


There is a round of papers due tomorrow from about ¼ of the class.  They probably won’t ask, but if they do, the Moodle drop-box is open.  They have until midnight to turn in the papers without incurring a late penalty.


And finally, If you could apologize for my absence and say that I’m temporarily stranded in SD because of crazy-high winds that grounded all flights.  I should be back in Denver in time for my evening class.


Quiz 10

Week 12 – Intro to Acts (2)