Mirror, Mirror – Quotes from the Movie

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Queen:  “If the Queen was to remain the most beautiful in all the land, Snow would have to do what Snow did best…  Snow would have to fall.”

Queen (repeated by Snow at the end):  “It’s important to know when you’ve been beaten.”

Baker Margaret to Snow:  “The Queen has the whole kingdom convinced you are nothing but a pathetic shut it.  The worst is, she has you believing it too.”

The Mirror:  “Everyone has undiscovered magic inside them, but very few discover it and learn to spend it wisely.”

Queen’s edict:  “Banish the uglies.”

Dwarves:  “When the queen banished us, none of the townspeople stood up for us.”

Dwarves to Snow:  “A weakness is only a weakness if you think of it that way.”

Dwarves:  “Never give up the high ground.”

Dwarves:  “People think of you as sweet.  Use that to your advantage.  …Deception on the battlefield isn’t just an option.”

The Mirror:  “There’s a price to using magic.”

Snow White:  “I read so many stories where the prince saves the princess.  I think it’s time for a new ending.”

 King:  “Prince Alcott, you found this kingdom ensnared in the clutches of greed and vanity but you didn’t retreat.”

-Compiled by Stacey Tuttle-