Prometheus Trailer Taps into Deep-Seeded Desire and Fear

In the trailer for the upcoming movie Prometheus, the humans come across a message of sorts.  They believe it is “an invitation” to know the supernatural, to know an alien race.  Initially they are all very excited about the possibilities that life on another planet wants to know them and communicate with them.

It seems to me this is simply tapping into an innate desire at the heart of all mankind: to know God and to be known by Him.

In the movie trailer, however, it seems they were wrong about the meaning of the message.  The aliens weren’t inviting the humans into a loving relationship.  They were inviting mankind to come and be consumed and destroyed instead.  Worst fears realized.

You see, where you have your greatest hopes, your greatest fears lie as well.  Prometheus taps into both.  Deep down, as much as man wants to know where he came from and to believe that God loves him and invites him into a loving relationship, he is also deeply afraid that God will consume him.  Man is afraid that when he dies to self, he will die.  He is afraid that if he is identified in Christ, he will lose his own identity.  He is afraid that if he trusts God, God will turn out to have evil intent, as the aliens do in Prometheus.  He is afraid that if he does search to know and understand his beginning, rather than finding a loving relationship with God, he’ll find his end, as the movie poster suggests.

I haven’t seen the movie yet (so this is pure conjecture), but I get the general impression that the overall message will be that man was wrong to trust in the goodness of supernatural beings.  It will suggest that man is ultimately good and sufficient to fend for himself, thus negating the need to seek any relationship with any extra-terrestrials.  I don’t really care so much (for now anyway) how we apply that to any real life scenarios…should the possibility arise of communications with extra-terrestrials that come from another planet.  However, I do care how we may apply it to one “extra-terrestrial”—the one who comes from Heaven…God.

God is good.  He has sent us a message (the Bible), and it is for the sake of communicating with us.  He does want to know us; it’s not a trick.  Set aside your skepticism and natural distrust.  Your deepest desires to communicate with God are not a celestial trick that God may, in a twisted moment of disappointment, consume and destroy you instead.  They aren’t planted within you to deceive you or disappoint you, but that they may be fulfilled, lovingly, joyfully.


-By Stacey Tuttle-


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