The Amazing Spider-Man: Movie Quotes

Dr. Connors:  “I wanna create a world without weakness.”

Uncle Ben:  “So all this is about getting even?  You must feel pretty good about yourself.”

Uncle Ben:  “Your father believed if you could do good things for other people, you had a moral obligation to do so.  It wasn’t a choice; it was a responsibility.”

Police Chief:  “So, thirty-eight of New York’s finest verses one guy in a unitard.”

Aunt May:  “Secrets have a cost.  They’re not for free—not now, not ever.”

Police Chief:  “I wear a badge; this guy wears a mask…like some sort of outlaw.”

Dr. Connors:  “Why the sudden interest in the cold blooded?”

Dr. Connors:  “It’s not yet classified, but it can be quite aggressive if threatened.”

Police Chief:   “Let me ask you a question, do I look like the major of Tokyo to you?”

Dr. Connors:   “This is no longer about curing ills.  This is about finding perfection.”

“Unresolved things send us down a road.”

“Dude’s crazy, but chicks dig him.”

“There’s only one plot in all of fiction—‘Who am I?’”


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-Compiled by Stacey Tuttle­-