Ice Age: Continental Drift – Quotes

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“It’s a gateway hangout.  First it’s the falls, then she gets hear ears pierced, then she’s addicted to berries.” –Manny about his daughter.

“You don’t count, Weiner.” –Manny

“Yes, there’s my place and you just put me in it.” –Weiner

“You can’t control my life!”—Peaches

“I’m just trying to protect you.  That’s what father’s do.”—Manny

“My mother used to tell me that bad news was just good news in disguise.”—Sid

“Was that before she abandoned you?”—Diego

“Yes, yes it was.”—Sid

“If I don’t make it…find me a wife and tell her I love her.”—Sid

“I’m a primate pirate pioneer, one brave buccaneer.”—Captain Gut

“How are you both so happy?  You aren’t a little bit concerned that the world might be ending?”—Diego

“Can I tell him my secret?…We’re very, very stupid.”—Granny, about sloths

“I know what you’ve got…the L word.”—Manny to Diego


“No.  Starts with L ends with E.”—Manny


“No.  Love.”—Manny

“Why are they kissing Diego?”—Many

“Because Sirens are romantic?”—Sid

“Buddy, I never doubted you.”

“Me either!  Except for those 6 or 7 times I thought we were going to die.”—Sid

“How cute!   A hero.”

“I told you your father would never give up on us.”—Ellie

“All this sweetness is gonna rot my teeth.  If I had any!”—Granny