The Odd Life of Timothy Green – Quotes

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Jim:  “We’ll get a puppy.

Cindy:   “I don’t want a puppy.”

Cindy:  “Like all great stories…this begins with a dream.”

Cindy:  “We’re moving on….I can’t do it.  I can’t move on.”

Cindy:  “It was all very sudden, and kind of miraculous.”

Brenda:  “I thought you were trying to have a real kid, or at least one of your own.”

                Cindy:  “He felt like mine from the moment I first laid eyes on him.”

Brenda:  “Thing with these kids [adopted kids], you never know what you’re getting.  They have issues sometimes.”

                Cindy:  “Then we’ll deal with them as they happen, like any normal kid.”

Jim Green to Timothy on his first day of school:  “Have a great day!”

                Cindy:  “That’s too much pressure.”

                Jim:  “Ok…have the day you have.”

Joni to Timothy:  “Look, you’re not the only one with a secret.”

Coach to Timothy regarding his horrible soccer skills:  “Why you smiling?”

                Timothy:  “I can only get better.”

Cindy:  “It’s not that we wanted him to be perfect.  We wanted it to be perfect—his childhood.”

Jim to Cindy:  “It feels to me that with a pencil, anything is possible.”

Timothy to his parents:  “Why not make a new kind of pencil?  You can design it and you can draw it.  Then you can both do it.”

                Jim to the adoption agency about Timothy’s pencil idea:  “How can you tell your kid it’s not possible?”

Cindy:  “It was fine if he had a secret, so long as he shared it with us.”

“Lots of people hate anything different.”

Cindy:  “We made mistakes trying to fix our mistakes.  That’s what parents do.”

Cindy:  “If we could do it again?  We’d make better mistakes?  New.  New mistakes.”

Cindy to her sister:  “You know Timothy is gifted?  Always sees the bright side and has a great heart.”

                Brenda:  “Oh, that’ll get you far.”

                Cindy:  “He’s a great artist.”

                Brenda:  “Look where that got you.”

Cindy to Brenda:  “For years I have been listening to how perfect your kids are.  I am the mom of that!”  (And then Timothy scores the game winning goal for the wrong team.)

Timothy about Joni:  “I more than like her.  … I let her go.”

“We didn’t tell you guys because we were ashamed.”

Timothy to his parents:  “It’s nothing you did. It’s how it’s supposed to be.”

Timothy:  “About my leaves, I gave them all away, because that’s what you do with gifts.”


Compiled by Stacey Tuttle