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“Are there starving kids in Iran?  I sure there are skinny kids.”

“Ex-fields are like abortions. You don’t wanna need one, but when you do, you sure don’t want to do it yourself.”

“Don’t mess up.  The whole country is watching you; they just don’t know it.”

To John Chambers, Hollywood makeup artist:  “He says the minotaur prosthetic is too tight, he can’t act.”

                John Chambers:  “If he could act, he wouldn’t be playing the minotaur.”

John Chambers regarding a film in the making:  “Target audience will hate it.”

                Tony Mendez:  “Who’s your target audience?”

                John Chambers:  “Anyone with eyes.”

John Chambers to Tony Mendez:  “So you want to come to Hollywood and act like a big shot without actually doing anything?  … You’ll fit right in.”

John Chambers:  “You need somebody who’s a somebody to put their name on it. Somebody respectable … with credits… who will produce a fake movie…who can be trusted with classified information…and who will do it for free.”

“You wanna lie to Hollywood, where everyone lies for a living?”

Lester Siegel:  “Nobody does westerns anymore.”

                Tony Mendez (?):  “It’s Troy.”

                Lester Siegel:  “It has horses, it’s a western.”

Lester Siegel:  “If I’m doing a fake movie, it’s gonna be a fake hit.”

Hollywood producer to Lester Siegel:  “I took this meeting out of respect, because I wanted to say ‘no’ to your face.”

“The bulls*** business—it’s like coal mining; you come home you can’t wash it off.”

Discussion with Jack O’Donnell about extraction plans:  “There are only bad ideas.  It’s about finding the best one.”

                “You don’t have any other bad ideas?”

                “This is the best bad idea we have.  By far.”

“If the guy had an intelligent thought in his head, it would die of loneliness.”

Kevin Harkins:  “Have you gotten people out this way before?”

                Tony Mendez:  “Nope.  This would be a first.”

“John Wayne’s in the ground 6 months and this is what’s left of America.”

One of the fugitives:  “You really think your little story will make a difference when there’s a gun to our head?”

                Tony Mendez:  “I think my little story is the only think between you and a gun to your head.”

Tony Mendez to Jack O’Donnell:  “Somebody’s responsible when things happen, Jack.  I’m responsible.  I’m taking them through.”

Lester Siegel:  “History starts out as farce and ends up as tragedy.”

John Chambers:  “No.  It’s the other way around.”

Lester Siegel:  “Who said that?”

                John Chambers:  “Marx.”

                Lester Siegel:  “Groucho said that?”

“We’re their heroes.”

                “Canadians are the heroes.”

Jack O’Donnell to Tony Mendez:  “You’re getting the highest award of the clandestine services… but the op was classified.  No one can know.”

Jack O’Donnell:  “He said you’re a great American.”

                Tony Mendez:  “Great American what?”                

                Jack O’Donnell:  “He didn’t say.”

Jack O’Donnell:  “If we’d wanted applause we would have joined the circus.”

                Tony Mendez:  “I thought we did.”