Trouble with the Curve-Quotes

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Gus:  “Good scouts are the heart of this game.”

Gus:  “That’s Feng Schmay – don’t you know anything?”

Gus:  “I don’t need easier.”

Gus:  “I said I don’t think so.  That means no.”

“What crawled up you’re a**?”

                Gus:  “Old age.”

Mickey’s boyfriend:  “We’re perfect together.  Friends, lawyers…if you look at it on paper, we’re perfect.”

Gus:  “Wait till I see that horse’s a**”

                Mickey:  “It must be so rewarding to be one of your friends.”

Mickey looking at her dad’s dented car:  “What happened here?”

                Gus:  “My garage is starting to shrink.”

Gus:  “I saw you touching her.  Now get out of here before I give myself a heart attack trying to kill you.”

Mickey:  “In spite of you, I feel this dysfunctional responsibility to make sure you’re ok.”

Mickey:  “As always, it’s been really nice talking with you.”

“I’ve got half a beer back at the bar that won’t argue with me.”

Mickey:  “Why are you next to me?”

                Johnny:  “Because you’re the only scout I’ve ever been attracted to…thank God.”

Johnny:  “You’re lucky to be alive.”

                Gus:  “How old are you sonny?”

                Johnny:  “28”

                Gus:  “Well how would you know if I’m lucky to be alive?”

Johnny to Gus about raising Mickey:  “How’d you handle that all by yourself?”

                Gus:  “I didn’t.”

Johnny:  “We’ve gotta get a camera crew to follow you guys around.  I mean, Kardashian’s have nothing on you.  Poor Bruce.”

To Gus about going blind:  “Why didn’t you say anything?”

                Gus:  “Because if I said something they’d replace me and find somebody new.”

Mickey, on talking to her Dad:  “I’ve tried.  Trust me.”

                Johnny:  “As you know, to hit the magical 300 you gotta fail three out of ten times.”

Mickey’s boyfriend about her crazy life:  “Wow, you are not kidding.  You really have no available space.”

Mickey about her relationship with her Dad:  “Everything’s OK as long as we don’t talk.”

Mickey:  “My dad would sing that when we were low, and it would help.”

                Johnny:  “Well… you have his voice.”

Gus:  “That’s no life for a kid of mine.”

                Mickey:  “I guess what I wanted didn’t matter.”

Mickey to Gus about sitting with him at baseball games as a kid:  “They weren’t the cheap seats.”

“Save it.  Being comfortable is overrated.”

Mickey:  “You sending me away wasn’t protecting me, it was rejecting me; and I’ve been working really hard to be sure no one ever does that to me again…and being alone really sucks.”

Mickey to kid at tryouts:  “Nervous?”

                “No ma’am.  It’s just a game.”