Rise of the Guardians – Quotes

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Jack Frost:  “Why I was there, I’ve never known, and part of me wonders if I ever will.”

Jack Frost:  “My name is Jack Frost.  How do I know that?  The moon told me so.  And that was a very long, long time ago.”

Tooth Fairy:  “It’s her first tooth!  Have you ever seen a more adorable lateral incisor?  Look how she flossed!”

“The boogie man was here, at the pole?”  “Pitch?  Pitch Black?”

Bunny:  “You summoned me here, three days before Easter, because of a feeling in your belly?  If I did this to you three days before Christmas…”

North aka Santa:  “Easter is not Christmas.”

Bunny:  “I work in perishables.”

Tooth Fairy:  “You’ve got all year to get ready.”

Jack to the moon:  “If there is something I’m doing here, can you tell me?  Because I’ve tried every thing and no one ever sees me.  You put me here.  Can you  at least tell me why?”

Jack:  “Am I on the naughty list?”

Jack to the Guardians:  “You’re all hard work and deadlines.  I’m all snow balls and fun times.  You don’t want me.”

North:  “You were chosen, like we all were, by man in moon.”

                Jack:  “Why didn’t he tell me that himself?  After 300 years of asking?”

North:  “Who are you Jack Frost?  What is your center?  If man in moon chose you, you must have something very special inside.”

Santa looks at a matryoshka doll of himself and its various layers, mysterious, fierce, jolly…and at the center he finds, “Big eyes, because they are full of wonder.  Wonder is what I put into the world and what I put into the children.  It’s why I am a guardian.  It’s my center.  What is yours?”

Pitch:  “Maybe I want what you have.  Maybe I want to be believed in.”

North to Bunny:  “I hope you like the loop-de-loop!”

                Bunny:  “I hope you like carrots.”

Pitch to Guardians:  “The dark ages were happy times, but then the man in the moon chose you to replace me—filling their hearts with wonder and light.”

North to Jack:  “I don’t know who you were in your past life, but in this life, you are guardian.”

North:  “As much as it pains me to say it, this time Easter is more important than Christmas.”

Jack to Guardians:  “When was the last time you guys actually hung out with kids?”         

                North:  “We are too busy making joy for children.  We don’t have any time for …kids.”

Bunny:  “There will be spring time on each continent and I’m bringing hope with me!”

Jamie:  “He really is real.  I know he is.”

Pitch:  “What goes better together than cold and dark?  They’ll believe in both of us.”

                Jack:  “No.  They’ll fear both of us, and that’s not the same thing.”

Jamie:  “If you are real then you have to prove it.  Right now.”

Guardians:  “Merry Christmas!  Happy Easter!  Don’t forget to floss!”

Pitch to Jamie:  “Still believe in the boogie man?!”

                Jamie:  I do believe in you.  I’m just not afraid of you.”

Jamie:  “You’re leaving?  What if Pitch comes back?  What if I can’t see you?”

Jack Frost:  “Do you stop believing in the moon when it goes away, or in the sun when clouds block it?  Besides, we’ll be here (points to his heart), which kind of makes you a Guardian too.” 

Jack:  “My name’s Jack Frost and I’m a Guardian.  How do I know that?  Because the moon told me so and when the moon tells you something, believe it.”