Les Miserables – Quotes


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Bishop to Jean Valjean:  “You left so early, you forgot, you left the best behind…  Use this precious silver to become an honest man.

Bishop to Jean Valjean:  “God has raised you out of darkness.  I have bought your soul for God.”

Jean Valjean:  “I had come to hate the world, this world that hated me.”

Jean Valjean:  “My shame inside me like a knife.  Jean Valjean is dead.  A new story must begin.”

“Is there anyone here who can swear they have nothing to fear, nothing to hide?”

Javert to JVJ:  “Men like you never change.”

JVJ:  “I’m a man.  No worse than any man and you are free.  No conditions.”

JVJ to Javert:  “There’s nothing that I blame you for.  All these years you’ve done your duty, nothing more.”

“My world is lost in shadows.”

Javert:  “By granting my life today, this man has killed me even so.”

Jean Valjean:  “To love another person is to see the face of God.”