Zero Dark Thirty – Quotes

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About a detainee:  “He has to learn how helpless he is.”

“In the end, everybody breaks, bro.  It’s biology.”

“They attacked us – on land…sea…air…and what have we done about it?”

Maya:  “A lot of my friends died trying to do this.  I believe I was spared so that I could finish the job.”

“You get the point.  If you can’t prove it is Bin Laden, prove it’s not someone else.”

On the possibility that the man hiding in the house was not UBL, but a drug dealer:  “He’d be the first successful drug dealer to never make a drug deal.”

“The president is a thoughtful, analytical guy.  He needs proof.”

“How do you evaluate the risk of not doing something?  The risk of letting Bin Laden slip through your fingers?”

“Just who are we gonna ask now we lost the detainee program?”

Maya to Navy Seals:  “Bin Laden is there and you’re gonna kill him for me.”

Before talking with the President, the head of the CIA wants to know how sure they are that Bin Laden is in that house.  Everyone else is 60-80% sure.  Maya:  “100% he’s there.  OK, 95% because I know certainty freaks you guys out, but it’s 100% he’s there.”

Navy Seal 1 about the possibility of Bin Laden being in the compound: “You really believe this?”

                Navy Seal 2:  “Yeah.”

                Navy Seal 1:  “What convinced you?”

                Navy Seal 2: “Her confidence.”