Warm Bodies – Quotes

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R:  “I should stand up straighter.  People would respect me more.”

R:  “It’s because I’m dead.  We’re all dead.”

R:  “This girl’s dead. That guy’s dead… That guy in the corner is definitely dead.”

R:  “You were a janitor.  You were a rich son of a CEO.  You were a personal trainer, and now you’re a corpse.”

R:  “Bonies:  They’ll eat anything without a heart beat.  I mean, I will too, but at least I’m conflicted about it.”

R:  “I don’t want to be this way.  I’m lonely.  And lost.  I mean literally lost.  I’ve never been in this part of the airport before.”

R (as he sees another corpse giving in to despair and picking his skin off – meaning he’s becoming a bonie):  “Oh don’t pick at it.  You’ll only make it worse.”

R:  “This is my best friend.  By best friend I mean we occasionally grunt and stare together.”

R (as he and other corpses shuffle off to find food):  “Gosh we move slow.  This could take a while.”

R:  “I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to feel what you felt, to feel a little better, a little less dead.”

R:  “They would think I was inside, if they could think.  Why am I so weird?”

R (after he takes Julie sort of captive with him):  “Maybe I could have thought this through a little better.”

R:  “‘Hi’  (Play it cool, say something intelligent…)  ‘How… are… you…?’  (Nailed it.)”

R:  “There are a lot of ways to get to know a person.  Eating her dead boy friend’s brains is a little unorthodox; I admit.”

R:  “No wonder she’s so afraid of me.  I need a different approach.  Don’t be so creepy.  Don’t be so creepy.  Don’t be so creepy.”

Julie:  “Why me? Why did you save me?”

R:  “Safe.  Keep.  You.  Safe.”

R to Julie as she impersonates a corpse:  “Be dead.”  (She does a lot of zombie moaning.)  “Ok…It’s.  Too.  Much.”

R (to himself):  “Oh no.  Stop staring.  You’re acting weird again.”

R:  “This date is not going well.  I’m ready to die all over again.”

“Now you’re supposed to say that I’m pretty too.”

Julie:  “Are there others like you?  I’ve never heard a corpse talk, not more than groaning.”

**You gotta love that he wears a seatbelt while she drives with this look of terror on his face, when he’s already dead anyway.**

Julie:  “Stop shrugging, Shrugger.  It’s a really non-committal gesture.”

Julie (about her dead boyfriend):  “Something happened to him.  A lot of things happened.  And he jut got to the point that he couldn’t absorb any more.”

R (as he eats some brains):  “It’s important to preserve memories, you know.

Julie:  “I can see you trying.  That’s what people do.  They try to be better.  I mean, sometimes we kind of suck at it, but you try so much harder than most.”

R:  “The dead do not sleep.”

Julie:  “I think some day someone is going to figure this whole thing out and exhume the whole world.  Exhume means to dig up – as in a corpse.”

R:  “This is what I get for wanting more…  It’s easier not to feel.”

M:  “Bonies lookin’ for you.”

M:  “You started something.  …  We are changing.”

R:  “Julie and I were giving the others hope and it was spreading fast.  I guess that’s why the bonies didn’t like it.”

Julie:  “Corpse is just a stupid name that we came up with for a state of being we don’t understand.”

Nora:  “Like, he could be your boyfriend?  I mean, I know it’s really hard to meet guys right now…  I wish the internet was working so I could look up what ever’s wrong with you.”

R:  “No matter what, we’re changing everything.  We stay together.”

Julie’s father:  “Things don’t get better.  Things get worse.”

Julie:  “He’s bleeding.  Corpses don’t bleed.”

R:  “On the one hand, getting shot in the shoulder hurt a lot.  But it felt good to bleed.”

R:  “I wish we could say we cured the bonies with love, but really, we just killed them all.  They were too far gone and the ones we didn’t kill, they just wasted away.  Actually, it was a bonding experience.”

R:  “The humans taught us how to live again.  It was scary at first, but most things are.  This is how it happened.  This is how the world was exhumed.”

M (can’t open umbrella):  “I still have zombie fingers.”