The Croods – Quotes

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Eep:  “Curiosity – Bad.  New – Bad.  … Basically anything fun is bad.  Welcome to my world.”

Eep:  “Our world was bout to come to an end, and there were no rules on our cave walls for that.”

Grug:  “Mom?”

Gran:  ‘”Still alive.”

Grug:  “It’s still early.”

Gran:  “And you’re still fat.”

Grug:  “Fear keeps us alive.  Eep—never not be afraid.”

Eep:  “I get it Dad.  I get it.  I will never do anything new or different.”

“Eep—Stay inside the family kill circle.”

Eep:  “Well, I thought he was a warthog, but then… he turned into a boy.”

Gran:  “That’s strange.  Usually it’s the other way around.”

Thunk:  “It likes me!  Oh, it’s biting me.”

Grug:  “Try hiding from it in the tall dry grass.”

Gran:  “Oh, fire babies!”

Gran:  “What’s a pet?”

Guy:  “An animal you don’t eat.”

Gran:  “We call that children.”

“Well, there goes our last chance for survival.”

Gran:  “And our log!”

Eep (about her new shoes):  “AAAAAAHHHH!   I LOVE them!  Where are my feet?”

Gran:  “I was in love once.  I was a hunter, he was a gatherer.  It was quite a scandal.”

“Where are you going?”

Guy:  “Tomorrow.  A place with so many suns in the sky you can’t count.  A place not like today.”

Grug on his ideas:  “Since I don’t have a brain, I think they’re coming from down in my stomach.”

Ugga:  “No more caves, Grug.”

Gran:  “We’re going to jump on the sun and ride it to tomorrow!”

Grug:  “The rules.  They kept us alive.”

Eep:  “That wasn’t living.  That was just not dying.”

Grug:  “What is this stuff that saves you from my punches?”

Guy:  “Tar.”

“Don’t hide.  Run!  You’ll make it to tomorrow.”

Grug:  “I was just busy, keeping them all alive.”

Guy:  “That’s all right.  That’s what Dad’s do.”

Guy:  “Belt – I want romance, drama, sincerity…  Move me!”

Grug:  “No more dark.  No more caves.  What’s the point of all this?  To follow the light.”

Grug:  “I don’t have ideas, but I have my strength.  It’s all we need.”

Eep:  “The Croods will make it because we changed all the rules.  The rules that kept us in the dark.  And because my Dad, who taught us any one can change.  …  From now on, we’ll stay out here where we can follow the light.”