Jack the Giant Slayer –Quotes

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“The monks grew a new super pathway to seek out their God, but found giants instead.”

“They acquired a taste for acquiring things.”

“Their home was now a prison between heaven and earth.”

“As the kings bones faded away, truth became legend, or so people say.”

Jack’s Father to Jack:  “You have the spirit, but guards must be royal blood.”

Isabelle’s mother:  “I want you to have adventures—it will help you know how the worlds words and will make you a better queen.”

Jack:  “Father, how do you know giants aren’t real?”

Father:  “To be honest, I don’t.”

“You looked a little too drunk to do that.”

“Why do monks shave their heads like that?   Is it so God can see into their brains?”

Jack’s Uncle:  “You believe that story?”

Jack:  “Well, I mean, he was a monk.”

Jack’s Uncle:  “Darkest day of my life, the day I lost your father to the plague and left me with the plague of my life [Jack].”

“They are born of dark magic.  Once darkness gets a taste for life, there’s no stopping it.”

Jack:  “What do you suppose is up there?”

Elmont:  “I’m not a superstitious man, Jack.  I never suppose anything;  I simply prepare for everything.”

Elmont:  “Fear of heights?”

Jack:  “No, fear of falling.”

Elmont:  “Well don’t fall then.”

“Do you believe in God?”

“Do you mean to meet him?”

“Not yet.  No.”

“You are a descendant of Eric the terrible, are you not?”

“Eric the great?”

“When you look at the stalk, what do you see?”

“I see a way up.  And a way down.”

Isabelle:  “You’re here!”

Jack:  “You sound surprised.”

Isabelle:  “We’re miles up and you’re afraid of heights!”

Jack:  “Not afraid.  Just not wildly keen. “

“No one is useless.   Imagine all the good things you could do.”

Jack:  “Have you ever killed a giant?”

Elmond:  “What, you’ve killed like one and that makes you an expert?”

Jack:  “Weren’t you in an oven an hour ago?”

To face the hard times:  “Picture something ahead of you, something within arms reach that makes you happy.”

“Princess?  Jack?  That was a close one.”

Isabelle:  “These are the burial grounds for ancient ancestors.”

Jack:  “You had a lot of ancestors.”

King:  “Do these giants have a lot of weaknesses?

“Not many.  No.”