Oz the Great and Powerful – Quotes

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Girl in the audience:  “Make me walk.”

Oz:  “Not now kid.”

Girl:  “But I believe in you.”

Girl’s parents:  “It’s not much, but it’s all we have.  Whatever you can do.”

Oz:  “I would…of course, but….”

Oz:  “I’m many things, but a good man is not one of them.”

Oz:  “I don’t want to be a good man.  The world is full of good men.  Men that get married, go to church, have families…  They spend their whole life to till the dirt just to die in it.  I don’t want to be a good man.  I want to be a great man—like Harry Houdini and Thomas Edison all rolled into one.”

Oz:  “I don’t want to die.  I haven’t accomplished anything yet.  I want to do great things.  I promise.  I promise I can change.”

Oz (talking to himself and then to God):  “There’s still hope for me!  You won’t regret this!”

Theodora:  “The prophecy is true!  He said a great wizard bearing the name of our land would come to rule….  And Oz would be what it once was…You are the wizard, aren’t you?”

Oz:  “This wicked witch—just how wicked is she?”

Theodora:  “My sister – I can’t wait for her to meet you!  She was starting to doubt you would ever come, but now she’ll see and you are going to fix everything.”

Theodora:  “It’s incredible.  Here I thought I’d live a lonely life—and you showed up.”

Finley:  “I swear a life debt to you.  From this moment on, I shall be your faithful servant.”

Oz:  “What is a life debt?”  (Finley explains)  “So there’s no getting out of it?”

Finley:  “None sire.  Because it is irrevocable.”

Oz to Finley:  “[All you need to know are the] 3 Ups:  Show up, Keep up, Shut up.”  Finley starts to say something and Oz interrupts, “Uh uh! What’s the 3rd up?”

Finley counts on his fingers, mumbling, “Show up…Keep up… Shu—   hmmm.”

Oz upon entering the Emerald City throne room:  “Is that it?  Is that my throne?!”

Evanora to Theodora:  “You dare to escort that oaf into here and let him set on our hallowed throne?”

Evanora to Theodora:  “Have you joined her side?”

Theodora:  “I’m on no one’s side.  I simply want peace and the wizard can help us.  He is a good man.”

Oz:  “Don’t think of them as lies.  Think of them as stepping stones on the road to success.”

Finley:  “Bananas?  Oh, you’re just saying that because I’m a monkey.”

Oz:  “What?  You don’t like bananas?”

Finley:  “No, I love bananas.  I just don’t like you saying that.”

China doll, explaining why her town was destroyed by the flying baboons:  “The whole town was celebrating because we had heard that you finally arrived.”

China girl to Oz:  “I wanna go with you!”

China girl:  “What’s going on?”

Finley:  “I don’t know.  I sneezed the plan away.”

Finley to Glinda:  “Here’s you wand.  Sorry I mooed.”

Glinda:  “With only faith in my father’s prophecy, I’ve waited for you to come.”

Glinda to Oz:  “Now’s the time to use your magic.”

Oz:  “I think we should…run!

Oz:  “Monkey!  Little China Girl!  What are you doing?”

Finley:  “She said jump off the cliff.”

Oz:  “Just because she jumps off the cliff, you’re gonna jump off the cliff?”

Finley:  “I’ve got wings.”

Oz:  “Bubbles – these go kind of fast, huh?”

Glinda:  “It’s a magical wall and all good-hearted souls get to pass through.”

Oz, as he nears the wall:  “I’m gonna die!”

Glinda:  “I also you know you’re weak, egotistical, a fibber…”

Oz:  “Anything you don’t know about me?”

Glinda:  “Whether or not you’ll save my people.”

Oz:  “I may not actually be a wizard.”

Glinda, about her people:  “They don’t know that.”

Theodora, about the pain of her broken heart:  “Make it stop!”

Theodora to Evanora:  “You’re the wicked one!  You lied to me!”

Evanora:  “It’s nice, isn’t it?  How clear everything becomes.” (how clear it becomes after eating the poisoned apple.)

Oz, after learning that Glinda’s people are forbidden to kill:  “You mean you want me to lead an army that can’t kill?!”

Glinda:  “Well, if it was easy we wouldn’t need a wizard, would we?”

Glinda:  “It’s imperative that you behave like the great leader they think you are.”

Theodora:  “There’s so much good here, it sickens me.”

Glinda about her father’s death:  “She only killed a man, not what he believed in.”

Theodora:  “How sweet!  You all believe in him [Oz].  So did I, once.  As for your wizard, he will be the first to die and then you’ll all see that he’s an extremely selfish…man.”

Oz:  “We need a real wizard.  Better yet, a general.”

Glinda:  “But you’re all I have.  Maybe you aren’t the wizard I was expecting…don’t have the powers…but maybe you’re capable of more than you think.”

China girl:  “Can you grant wishes?… People used to travel to Oz and the King would grant their wish if it was good and noble.”

Oz:  “What’s your wish?  A pretty dress?”

China girl:  “To have my family back.”

Oz:  “I’m sorry.  I can’t grant wishes.  I’m not that kind of wizard. Where I come from there aren’t any real wizards, except one, Thomas Edison.  He could look into the future and make it real.  …I can give gifts though.”

China girl:  “I wish you were the kind that granted wishes, but that’s almost as good.”

Oz:  “It’s all in the illusion, misdirect, slight of hand.”

Oz:  “I might just be the wizard you need.”

Oz:  “Con man, trickster…it’ll be my greatest trick yet!”

They explain to Oz about the poppy field:  “One wiff and everlasting sleep.”

China doll:  “And we’re not exactly a terrifying army when we are awake!”

Oz:  “Looks like I’ve got you fooled too.”

Glinda:  “The only person you’ve got fooled is yourself.”

Oz:  “When we do believe, anything is possible.”

Wicked Witch:  “Why do you continue to resist?”

Glinda:  “Because I believe in the wizard.”

Wicked Witch:  “Look!  Your wizard.  He’s abandoning you.  How could he?”

Oz fakes his death.  “Wow, that was your greatest trick yet.”

Oz:  “The show’s just beginning.”

“No one defies Oz.”

Oz:  “Thanks to you, I’ve shed my mortal form and now, in my imperial form, I’m more powerful than ever.  You cannot defeat me.  I am the great and powerful wizard of Oz.”

Oz:  “Theodora, I know the wickedness within you is not of your doing and should you ever find the goodness within you again, you are welcome to return.”
Theodora:  “Never!”

Glinda:  “In the name of my father I banish you from the Emerald City, never to return.”

Oz:  “Remember, Oscar Diggs died so the wizard could live.  …The people need to believe.”

“Your secret is safe with us.”

Oz to Glinda:  “Thanks for opening my eyes.”

Glinda:  “What do you see?”

Oz:  “I have all I ever wanted.”

Glinda:  “For the record, I knew you had it all along.”

Oz:  “Greatness?”

Glinda:  “No.  Goodness.”