Tough Questions: Is there any proof or incidence that confirm the presence of God?

It depends entirely on what you will admit as evidence.  For example, there are many scientists who have little or no personal religious leanings, yet believe that the existence and structure of the cosmos (and many things contained in it) are convincing evidences of the existence of God.

The historical facts surrounding the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth are also possible evidences for the existence of God.

It all depends on what your standard of evidence is.  Some people refuse to even consider what others think is irrefutable evidence.  Believing in God’s existence is almost never a matter of intellectual reflection alone. Some people believe in God because they want to without having actually considered any rational evidence for that belief.  Others disbelieve in God because they don’t want Him to be real, though they may not be conscious of any such underlying motivation.

In my opinion, there is lots of rational, admissible evidence for God’s existence/presence, but I will be intellectually honest and admit that I don’t come to the debate from a completely neutral perspective.  No one does.