G.I. Joe: Retaliation – Quotes

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Roadblock:  “In the immortal words of Jay Z – What ever deity may guard my life, Dear Lord, don’t let me die tonight.   But if I shall before I wake, I accept my fate.”

Duke:  “Drive it like you stole it.”

Roadblock:  “As your good friend, you need a new catch phrase.”

“All that wii shooter finally paid off.”

Pakistan – “a riot with a zip code.”

Warden to Snake Eyes:  “I’m a very big fan.  I love the black.  It’s very Johnny Cash.”

Warden:  “I sound like a real estate agent.  I’m not trying to sell you anything, except maybe hopelessness.”

Warden:  “During REM sleep the body produces a chemical that keeps us from moving, acting out our dreams.”

“Destro, Cobra Commander and Snake Eyes.  The three of you are like my fantasy football league.”

Firefly:  “Well, it’s good to know we’re not short on crazy.”

“Oh, you know, they call it a water board, but I never get bored.”

Stoop:  “You lost, little man?”

Stoop:  “So why don’t you take Miley Cyrus and Ryan Seacrest and head that way.”

Stoop:  “That’s what happens when you’re in trouble.  You come home.”

Roadblock:  “Home is where the help is.”

Stoop:  “I got payments on this one.  I don’t get ‘em like I used to.”

Lady Jaye:  “Wow!  It is an actual pit.”

Roadblock:  “Stoop’s no angel, but he is family and we can trust him.”

Roadblock:  “I came here when I was fourteen with a life expectancy of thirteen.”

Roadblock:  “I became a Joe to serve.  If we’re fighting uphill, we take the hill.”

“I’ll take two cases of thin mints and a couple of boxes of chocolates.”

“We fear he’s dead.”

“I don’t think so.  You aren’t gonna kill your best asset.”

Lady Jaye:  “Girl scout to secretary – amazing.  Name’s not Brenda.”

Joe Colton:  “It’s just a pen.”

Storm Shadow:  “It’s possible to feel so much hate you stop feeling it at all.  Like a fish in water.”

Storm Shadow:  “Why defend yourself to men too blind to see?”

Lady Jaye re: Her father:  “He said he didn’t want to put his life in the hands of a woman.  I enlisted the next day.  Spent the next seven years trying to outrank him so he’d have to salute me.  He died before I got the chance.”

Storm Shadow:  “I am not with you.  But for the moment I am not against you.”

Joe Colton:  “The O.D. says I can’t come out of retirement.  They didn’t say anything about re-enlisting.”

Imposter President:  “It’s true.  I pushed it.  I pushed the button.”

President of another nation:  “You have lost your mind.”

Imposter President:  “It’s all relative.”

Imposter President:  “Well, the good news is there’s no global warming summit.”

Joe Colton: “You all right?”

Lady Jaye:  “Yeah.  You all right?”

Joe Colton:  “My cholesterol’s a little high.”

“I figured N. Korea for last.  Gotta love the little guy.”

Storm Shadow:  “You betrayed the hard master and made me what I am.”

“Yeah, I can see that was wrong.”

Zartan:  “Everybody wants to rule the world.”

President:  “The world knows them as Joes.  We know them as heroes.”

“With the world back in order…”