The Host – Quotes

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“Earth is at peace.  There is no hunger. There is no violence.  The environment is healed.  Honesty, courtesy and kindness are practiced by all.  Our world has never been more perfect—only, it is no longer our world.  We’ve been invaded.”

“Barely a bone not broken or organ not punctured.  I cannot tell you why this one is not dead.  This one wants to live.”

“We experience it and protect it.  Think of the common good.”

“Call it whatever you want.  This is murder.”

“They were brutal, killing each other, killing their planet.”

“I have to do my duty.  I have to do what’s right.”

“We do not lie.  We trust each other.”

“You guys take a lot of fun out of everything.”

“This wanderer’s living up to her name.”

“We find her, we find the resistance.”

“Jeb, it’s got to die.  We took a vote.”

Jeb:  “This isn’t a democracy.  It’s a dictatorship.  It’s a benign dictatorship, but a dictatorship nonetheless.”

“It’s not human.”

“So we stop acting human?”

“They all said Jeb was crazy.”

“Love like that—it might get somebody to do something they wouldn’t ordinarily do.”

“He’s not crazy—he’s genius.”


“Yeah.  Wanda.”

“Rather die than be captured.”

“Seeker – this is not who we are.  You have killed a soul.

“She couldn’t have kept her promise if you didn’t help her keep it.”

“There’s a war raging in you, Seeker.”

“You tried to kill me, and now you’re protecting me?”

“Strange world, isn’t it.”

“The strangest.”

“Her name is Wanda.  Not ‘it’.”

“What’s it like for you and her living in there together?”

“It’s crowded.”

“You’re angry when I kiss a man you do love, and angry when I kiss a man you don’t.  It’s very confusing.”

“All you’re going to do is keep murdering more of both of us.”

“Not death.  Exile.”

“You want us to forgive and let them go?  Just like that?”


“You’ve always tried to extract it by force.  The secret is you coax it out.”

“It can only be captured by kindness.”

“I’ve been screaming inside for years.  No one has heard me.”

“Have a safe trip, and a long one.”

“Always send a soul to the most distant planet.”

“She’s here now.”

“Not the way she needs to be.”

“You are the purest soul I’ve ever met.  The universe will be a darker place without you.”

“Be happy Mel.  Be happy that after living so many lives, I finally found something to die for.”

“Our world isn’t like the other worlds they come to.”

“I guess you never know where you’re gonna find your home.”