Epic – Quotes

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MK:  “In the forest, if you stand still long enough, you’ll see signs of a struggle.”

Taxi Driver:  “That’s not a house.  That’s termites holding hands.”

Dad:  “It’s all here.  Your pictures, you dolls, you turtle… Oh dear.”

MK:  “Sure Dad.  I’ll be here—in reality.”

“Patience son, the forest wasn’t grown in a day.”

“But we can destroy it in a day, right?”

“Not so fast, soldier bug.”

Mub:  “Actually, he’s a snail.  I’m a sluuuuug.  No shell over here, baby.  They slow me down.”

Nod:  “Oh look, it’s Ronin.  Defender the weak.  Pooper of parties.”

MK:  “Dad, I had the most messed up dream.  There were talking slugs and …  Oh man!”

Mub:  “There’s a code among men.  It goes something like this:  “I saw her first!”

Ronin:  “Many leaves, one tree.  We’re all individuals, but we’re still connected.”

Nim Galuu:  “Magic might be stretching it.  Charismatic.  Maybe enigmatic.”

“He can help, right?  He’s like the wise old man of the forest.”

“More like the crazy uncle.”

“You’ve read all these scrolls?”

Nim:  “More like skimmed them.”

Nim:  “The scrolls don’t tell us the future.  They only guide us with a knowledge of the past.”

Nim after reading a scroll:  “Well that was intense.  I gotta read more of these.”

Nim:  “The forest trembles at the passing of the humble fruit fly.”

Nim:  “I gotta say, six hands are better than two.  That’s been my experience.”

MK:  “You got a problem with stompers?”

Nod:  “A stomper squashed my uncle.”

MK:  “Seriously?”

Nod:  “No.”

MK’s Dad, in slow motion:  “ooowwww.   I hurrrrtttt myyyy elllbowwww.”

Mub:  “Ugly says what?”

Mandrake:  “Well now I am just embarrassed.  I completely over prepared.”

“I’m saying, who gives up everything for a world that isn’t even theirs?”

“How you doing leaf boy?”

“Leaf man, you know it.”

Mandrake:  “Many leaves, something, something, something.  Very inspiring.  But every leaf dies.”

“There’s a big sack of keep-your-mouth-shut over there.  Why don’t you go and pick it out?”