World War Z – Quotes

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If we knew where this thing started, then we’d have a better chance of stopping it.

Each and every person is here because they serve an essential purpose.  There’s no room for non essential personnel.  The best way for you to help your family is to put an end to this.

Gerry:  We’re gonna make the best of it.  As we do.

Gerry’s daughter:  I’m not a baby.

Gerry:  Ok – beautiful, tiny adult.

Andrew Fassbach:  We’re going to find something.  Mother Nature is a cereal killer.  She wants to get caught.  She always leaves bread crumbs.  She leaves clues…  Mother Nature knows how to disguise her weakness as strength.  Sometimes what you think is the most beautiful part of her crimes is really the chink in her armor.

Guys, I’ll be honest with you.  I don’t know any place back home that’s doing very well.

Biting everything, like fat kids love Twix.

Jurgen Warmbrunn:  The problem with most people is that they don’t believe something can happen until it already has.  In the 30’s, Jews refused to believe they’d be put in concentration camps…so we decided to make a change.  If nine of us arrive at the same conclusion at the same time, it’s the duty of the tenth man to disagree.  To start digging.

Gerry:  Every human being we save is one less we have to fight.

I don’t have answers.  All we can do is find a way to hide.

Gerry:  The hard part is seeing the crumbs for the thing they are.

Why do you keep looking at him?

Gerry:  Because he’s the one in charge.

I understand how you feel.

Gerry:  Do you?  Do you have family?


Gerry:  Then you can’t possibly understand how I feel.

Gerry:  They have weakness, and that weakness IS weakness.

They’re spreading a pathogen.

Gerry:  It’s not a cure.  It’s a camouflage.

Gerry:  This is not the end.  Not even close.  We still don’t know how it started.

Gerry:  If you can fight, fight.  Help each other.  Be prepared for anything.  Our war has just begun.