The Lone Ranger – Quotes

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Tonto:  Dead man strikes fear into heart of his enemy.

Will:  Wait a minute.  You’re saying you’re Tonto?  THE Tonto?

Tonto:  There was another?

Tonto:  Come a time, kemosabe, when good man must wear mask.

Woman on Train:  Care to pray with us?  We’re Presbyterian.

John Reid (Lone Ranger):  Much obliged, ma’am, but this here’s my Bible.  (Shows her John Locke’s Treatise on Government)

Cole:  Hate to see a bird in a cage.

Cavendish:  Lawyer and a crazy Indian?  Bet you two got a lot to talk about.

Tonto:  Great warrior!

John Reid:  Yeah, that’s my brother.

John Reid to Tonto:  Hey, hold it there.   I’m afraid I have to take you in.

Cole to Rebecca Reid:  He takes good care of you, I see.

Rebecca:  In his way.

Dan Reid to John:  Law looks different on land, little brother.

Dan to John:  I hereby deputize you a ranger of the United States.  I can’t help you with your clothes, though.

Dan to John:  Nice hat, by the way.  They didn’t have a bigger one?

John to Dan regarding guns:  You know I don’t believe in ‘em one way or another.  You know that.

Dan:  Butch Cavendish don’t care one way or another.

Tonto to the Spirit Horse as he “chooses” John Reid:  No, No!  Him half wit.  Him (points to Dan Reid) mighty warrior.  You have traveled far.  Obviously fatigued.  I understand.  Him strong brother.  Bring him back.

Tonto:  If you are going to sneak up on an Indian, best to do it down wind.

Tonto:  I cannot decide if this horse is stupid, or pretending to be stupid.  Tricky.

Tonto:  Horse says you are spirit walker.  Man who has been to the other side and returned.  Man who cannot be killed in battle.  Horse definitely stupid.

John:  Ow!!!  What the h*** was that for?

Tonto:  Bird angry.

Tonto:  The men you seek think you are dead, kemosabe.  Better to stay that way.

John:  Where did you get that?

Tonto:  Make trade.

John :  With a dead man?

Tonto:  Hard bargain.

John as Tonto drinks his drink:  What are you doing?

Tonto:  Comanche gesture of respect –taste another man’s drink.

Tonto as spirit horse drinks beer:  Nature is indeed out of balance.

Frank:  Some lunatic Indian – he gonna violate me with a duck foot.

John:  I haven’t fired a gun in nine years.

Tonto:  Might want to keep that to yourself.

Tonto:  Great shot!

John:  It was supposed to be a warning shot.

Tonto:  In that case, not so good.

John:  Kemosabe.  You keep calling me that.  What does that mean?

Tonto:  Wrong brother.

Backstory on Tonto:  In exchange for a cheap pocket watch from Sears and Roebuck, he showed them where the river began.  …  They wanted to keep the place a secret [so they killed all his people]….  He couldn’t live with what he’d done. … He decided they were possessed by evil spirits.

So we have a deal?

Tonto:  Not so much.

John:  The United States Army.  Finally!  Someone who will listen to reason.

Tonto, as they are buried up to their heads:  Could be worse.  Could develop itch.  On your nose.

John, as scorpions begin to crawl on their faces:  This is worse!!!  This is worse!!!

Cavendish:  You’re no spirit.  You’re just a man in a mask.  No different from me.

Tonto:  Justice is what a man take for himself.

John:  I am not a savage.

Tonto:  You are not a man.

John:  I am not like you.  I have a tribe.

Tonto:  You have nothing.  Like me.  Go back to your tribe.  I don’t need you, white coward.

Cole:  I want to show you something. From the time of Alexander the Great, no man has ever travelled faster than the horse that carried him.  Until today.  Imagine: time and space, under the mastery of man.  Power makes emperors and kings… look like fools. Whoever controls this [holds model train] controls the future.

John:  Well, civilized society has no place for a masked man.

Cole:  Everything I hate about this country:  no vision, no sense of the common good.

Cole:  A man can’t choose his brother, can he?  It’s almost like his brother chooses him.

John:  They staged the attacks to violate the treaty.

Fuller:  Well if that’s the truth, it would mean I slaughtered the Comanche for no reason.

Cole:  I was at Gettysburg.  12,000 dead before lunch.  Know what I learned?  Nothing is accomplished without sacrifice.

Will:  Mr. Tonto, Mr. Tonto!  You mean they killed them all?  Mr. Dan?  The Indians?  Everyone?  For silver?!?!

John:  You were right.  If men like that represent the law, I’d rather be an outlaw.

Tonto, as Spirit horse is standing on a tree limb, in the tree, wearing John’s hat:  Something very wrong with that horse.

Tonto:  All these years I think you are windigo, but no, you are just another white man.

John:  It’s not really a trade.  Who would trade a watch for some bird seed?

Tonto:  Bird cannot tell time.

John:  Hi-Ho Silver!  Away!

Tonto:  Don’t ever do that again!