Pacific Rim – Quotes

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Kaiju – Giant Beast

Jaeger – Hunter

Narrator:  The World came together, throwing aside old enemies, working together for the common good.

Narrator:  Jaegers turned into rock stars.  Danger turned into propaganda.

Raleigh:  Years before you wouldn’t have picked my brother and I for heroes.  No chance.  Never at the top of our class…but turns out, we had a unique skill.  We were fighters, and we were driven.

How’d your date go last night?

Oh, she loved me.  Her boyfriend – not so much.

There are things you can’t fight – acts of God…  See a tornado, get out of the way.

Newton:  Call me Newt.  Only my mother calls me Dr.

Stacker:  Things have changed.  We’re not an army anymore.  More like the resistance.

Stacker:  Haven’t you heard, Mr. Becket?  The world is coming to an end, so where would you rather die?  In here, or in a jaeger?

Gottlieb:  Numbers don’t lie.  Politics and poetry, those are lies.

Raleigh:  One day when you’re a pilot, you’ll see.  You make decisions.  You have to live with the consequences.

Herc Hanson:  Blame me for that.  I raised him on my own.  Not sure whether e needs a hug or a kick in the a**.

Raleigh:  Pardon me sir, but I’m pretty sure which one he needs.

Raleigh:  We don’t have to always obey him.

Mako:  It’s not obedience, Mr. Becket.  It’s respect.

Newton:  If I’m alive then this worked, and I won.  OR, I’m dead, which is your fault, I mean it really is because you dove me to this, in which case, I also won.  Sort of.

Newton:  What are you working on?  Is this a cuticle?  In mint condition?

Stacker:  Do not let my calm demeanor fool you, Ranger.

Stacker:  1.  Don’t you ever touch me again.  2.  Don’t you ever touch me again.

Stacker:  I do not need your sympathy or your admiration. All I need is your compliance.

Raleigh:  You know, you live in someone else’s head, the hardest thing to live with is the silence.

They believe the kaiju are sent from heaven [as punishment] because the gods are angry with us.

Hannibal:  A cubic [inch?] of crap has enough phosphorous to fertilize a whole field.

Newton:  It’s classified, so I can’t tell you.  But it’s pretty cool, so I might tell you.  OK, I’m gonna tell you.

Hannibal:  A hive mentality.  They drift both ways….  Maybe they’re looking for you.

Newton:  He knows I’m here.  He’s trying to get me.

Bystander:  The kaiju knows the little guy!!!

Newton:  This isn’t a refuge – it’s a burial!

Hannibal:  One look.  That’s all I needed.  I knew he wouldn’t make it outside the womb.  One look. [And then he gets eaten]

Stacker:  You and I are the only two that ever ran solo combat.  That’s why I called you in.

Stacker:  You are a brave girl.  So lucky to have seen you grow.  But if I am going to do this, I need you to protect me.

Stacker:  Today, at the edge of our hope, at the edge of our time, we are chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other….  Today we fight the monsters at our door.  Today we are cancelling the apocalypse.

Stacker:  As for you – you’re an egotistical jerk with Daddy issues.  But you’re easy.  I read you the first day. But you are your father’s son.  We’ll do just fine.

Chuck:  Works for me.

Herc:  Stacker – that’s my son you got there.  My SON.

Raleigh:  Mako – all those years I spent living in the past I never did think about the future.  Till now.  I never did have very good timing.

Chuck:  What can we do, sir?

Stacker:  We can clear the path – for the lady.