Turbo – Quotes

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Guy:  As my dear father used to tell me, no dream is too big and no dreamer is too small.

Kim Ly:  You got a plan, taco man?

Chet:  Left turn, Left turn.  Oh, what do we do here???  Left turn.

And so begins another wonderful week at the plant.

Chet:  You do this to yourself, you know.  Look at you.  It’s like you’re almost forcing them.
Turbo:  I can’t help it.  It’s in my nature.
Chet:  No it’s not.  And the sooner you accept the dull, miserable reality of your existence, the happier you’ll be.

Guy:  The one thing that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary is…  [the power goes off and Turbo can’t hear.]

Guy:  There comes a point in every race where a driver is forced to make that one key decision – play it safe or move ahead.

Chet:  Turbo!  When are you going to wake up???

Turbo, as his eyeballs light up:  Huh.  That’s peculiar.

Chet:  All my life I’ve defended you, stood up for you, apologized for you.

Chet:  As soon as we get you home, we’ll get you fixed.
Turbo:  Huh?  I don’t need to be fixed.
Chet:  Yes, you do.  You’re a freak of nature.

Whiplash:  Listen garden snail, you clearly got the skills to pay the bills…if sails had bills, that is.

Whiplash:  Your trash talk is needlessly complicated.
Turbo:  Is it?  Or is it that your unpaid bills are overdue?

Tito:  I’m telling you, this snail crawled into our lives for a reason.

Angelo:  Not every dream is meant to come true.

Angelo:  Don’t go crazy on me.  We had a good day.  We sold a few extra tacos.  It’s good enough.

Chet:  What happens if you wake up tomorrow and your powers are gone, huh?
Turbo:  I guess I’d better make the most of today.

Kim Ly:  We put the nail in snail.

Turbo:  All these people believe in me.  Guy Gagne believes in me.  Why won’t you?

Guy:  The world loves the underdogs.  They need them.  They need to believe they can be something too.

Are you crazy??
Whiplash:  Yeah I’m crazy.  What made you think I was sane?

Whiplash:  Are you a car?
Turbo:  No.
Whiplash:  Are you a car?
Turbo:  No.
Whiplash:  The stop driving like one.

Tito:  Hey, we got this far.  It’s good enough.

Chet:  My little brother never gives up.  That’s the best thing about you.  Get out and win this, Turbo.