R.I.P.D. Quotes

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Get a robe or something, you’re asking too much of that towel.

I think you’re smellin’ what I’m sellin’.

Nick:  Ever think about hiding this place a little better?
Roy:  How long’s it been since you had a VCR repaired?
Nick:  Point taken.

Proctor:  10,000 people die every day.  The system wasn’t designed to handle that many people.

Roy:  Come on Rookie.  Grab your juevos.

Roy:  Consider it the universe’s witness protection program.

Roy:  Look at the ankles on that girl.
Nick:  Ankles?  That’s what you’re into?
Roy:  In my day, women dressed way more conservatively
Nick:  Oh, and that makes you way less creepy?

Roy:  Deados infect everything with their bad …stink. Broken things …a dead giveaway.

Roy:  You have a very impressive crumple zone.

Roy:  With all that trantrummering…

Roy:  I can’t listen to one more weird chestnut from you.

Nick:  Roy, thank you very much for your mentorship.  I’m sure it meant a lot to you.

What do you think eternal punishment is going to be like?

Roy:  She billy goated me.

Roy:  Why she covers up her ankles with her …boots, I’ll never understand.