Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters—Quotes

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Percy:  Every day the story of Thalia’s bravery inspires me.

Mr. D pours a glass of wine which turns to water, a result of a curse, and asks:  How long can he hold a grudge?
Chiron:  I think the fact that he’s immortal means there’s no end to how long he can hold a grudge.
Mr. D:  You know, the Christians have a God who can do this trick in reverse.  [i.e. turn water into wine.]  Now that’s a God.

To Percy:  You’re more than a one-quest-wonder!

Mr. D:  Perry Johnson—
Percy:  Actually, it’s Percy Jackson

Percy, talking to his Dad, Poseidon:  Have you eve felt like everything you’ve ever done, you didn’t really do it?  Like maybe it was all just luck or something?  No, of course not.  You’re a god.  Sucks being human.  Well…good not talking to you.  As always.

Percy:  Cyclops?  Come on.
Grover:  I think the term is ocularly impaired.

Clarisse to Percy:  Maybe Poseidon thought he needed another son to, you know, represent.

Tyson to the bull after being torched by him:  Bad bull.

Luke to Percy:  So you don’t know [about the prophecy]?  Add that to the list of things they haven’t told you.  We’re just pawns…

Clarisse, deadpan, when she learns Percy is still alive:  Yay.  You’re alive.

Hermes:  Knowledge isn’t always power, Percy.  Sometimes it’s a burden.

Chiron:  It’s said that when the gods wish to torture us, they speak to us.

Kronos ate his children.  Three escaped

Percy:  Raze.  And that is raze with a “z” as in destroy.  I asked.

Percy:  What if I destroy Olympus by not being good enough to save it?

Percy:  Guess you don’t have any answers, Dad.

Percy:  The oracle says I’m destined to save Olympus or destroy it.
Tyson:  Saving’s better!

Percy:  Where we’re going—it’s dangerous.
Tyson:  I know.  I’m not stupid.
Annabeth:  No, just dumb.

Grover when Tyson appears to have two normal eyes:  Extreme makeover alert—woo woo!

Annabeth:  Chariot of damnation.
Percy:  Looks like a New York cab.
Annbeth:  Same difference

Cab drivers:  You know?  The kid’s right.  The driver should get the eyeball.  The kid’s genius!

Grover:  If you haven’t had nectar, you haven’t lived.
Tyson, as he drinks the nectar:  I’ve lived!

Percy:  I’m looking for Hermes.
Hermes:  Sorry to be the god of the obvious, but I’m busy right now.

Hermes:  Didn’t know if you noticed, but I’m killing these shorts.

Snake on Hermes staff:  How am I supposed to type?  I don’t have fingers.
Other snake on Hermes staff:  You’re supposed to use the mouse!
First snake:  I’m a snake.  I EAT mice!

Hermes to Percy:  Try.  If it’s one thing I’ve learned in 3,000 years, it’s you can’t give up on family.

Tyson:  It’s water!  Dad will help!
Percy:  Nice try big guy, but don’t be upset when he doesn’t answer.

Percy to Annabeth:  Smart!
Annabeth:  Goddess of Wisdom’s daughter, remember?
Tyson, eagerly:  I remember!

Luke:  Wasn’t easy to find.  I had to climb through the depths of Hades…and then through Cleveland.

Luke:  What are you doing?  Don’t walk on my roof!

Annabeth to Percy after he trusted Tyson with the thermos of the four winds:  I wouldn’t have trusted him with a normal thermos.

Annabeth about why she dislikes Tyson:  A Cyclops killed Thalia.  His kind killed her.

Annabeth in the belly of Charybdis:  This has to be the worst way to die.  Ever.
Percy:  You’re right.  This really is the worst way to die.  Ever.

Percy:  You gotta have faith, right?
Tyson:  And a canon!

Grover:  Aye Aye!  [Sees Tyson, a Cyclops and catches himself]—sorry!

Tyson as they enter the destroyed amusement park:  At least there’s no line!

Clarisse:  This must be the boulder he used to stop Odysseus from returning to the Trojan War.   Yeah.  That’s right.  I know stuff.

To Grover:  Why are you wearing a dress?
Grover:  I’m having a really bad day.  [To the bad Cyclops]  Hey Cyclopsees—I quit!
Cyclops:  Hey wait – you’re a dude???  That explains a lot!

Percy regarding Tyson:  I never called him brother.  All I ever wanted was a brother, but I was too caught up in myself.

Annabeth to Percy:  Forget about the oracle.  You don’t like your destiny?  Write a new one!
Clarisse:  She’s right.
Annabeth and Percy:  What?
Clarisse:  There’s no way I’m going to repeat that.

Percy:  Why me?  I mean, who voted me leader?  [Everyone raises their hands.]

Percy:  I make my own destiny.

Annabeth to Tyson:  You’re alive!  So, what you did for Percy…that was not so vicious, dangerous.

Percy:  Finding out you have a destiny is a lot like finding out you have a half brother who’s a Cyclops.  Might not be as bad as you think.