Planes – Movie Quotes

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Hmmm…  A crop duster wanting to be a racer—you ask me, more racers should want to be crop dusters.

Dusty:  Why would I want to be coached by a plane who doesn’t even fly?
At least he’s a plane!

Skipper:  New slogan:  Lead B Corn—It gives you gas!  Catchy.  I like it!

Announcer:  When he’s grinnin’ he’s winnin’!

What’s going on here?  That crop duster’s going to race?  Man—you’re mama must’ve had high hopes for you!  You’re made for seed, not speed.

Official:  Strut Jetstream?!
Dusty:  You’re mispronouncing it.  It’s actually Dusty Crophopper—it’s Scandinavian.

Forget this nonsense.  You’re not built for it.
Dusty:  I’m just trying to prove, maybe, just maybe I can do more than what I was built for.

It ain’t how fast you fly.  It’s how you fly fast.

Dusty:  I’m afraid of heights.

He kicked Astin Martins out there!

Skipper:  Volo Pro Veritas:  I fly for truth.

Dusty:  I’m dusty.  I mean, my name is Dusty.  I’m not dusty.  I’m actually quite clean.
Ishani:  Nice to meet you, quite clean Dusty.

Chupacabra :  You leave me no choice.  I swish my cape at you.  You have been shamed.

Chupacabra:  We will laugh.  We will cry.  We will dance—probably not with each other.

You think you can help me set up a website?
Does Giga bite?
Well, not if you pet him nicely!

Dusty:  She is like fresh fertilizer on a field of dying grass.
Chupacabra:  This is not your thing, my friend.

It’s not speed that wins races; it’s skill.

Dusty:  Every plane for himself?  But where I come from…
Bulldog:  But this is a competition.  Now you’re dead last and I, I owe you my life.
Dusty:  Are you crying?
Bulldog:  I’m British.  We don’t cry.

Wow.  You’re really a nice guy.  And you know where nice guys finish, right?

Chupacabra :  This guy needs to get his head checked.  He’s got serious identity issues.
Franz:  And this from a guy who wears a mask?
Chupacabra :  Touche!

Ripslinger:  Why are they wasting their time with this guy?  He’s a tractor with wings.
Actually, it’s a really compelling underdog story.

Chupacabra :  Are you tired?  Because you’ve been flying through my mind nonstop.
Rochelle:  Why would I be tired flying in such a tiny space?

Hello?  Is this where I’m supposed to be?
That is one of life’s great questions.

That was my skypod, man.

What does that mean?
I have no idea, but French Canadian is the language of love…in Quebec.

Chupacabra :  Hmmm…  You are not even worthy of a cape swish.

Does a PTE6A have a multi-stage compressor?  [everyone gives a blank stare]  Yes!!!  Yes it does!

You are an inspiration to all of us who want to do something more than what we were built for.