Jobs – Movie Quotes


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Jobs:  What it represents is as important as what it is.  …  It’s a music players.  It’s 1,000 songs in your pocket.

Jobs:  The system can only produce a system.

A degree is a waste of time now?
Jobs:  Well, for some.  For some it offers validation.

Jobs:  Who has a baby and then just throws it away like it’s nothing?
Friend:  Talking about your parents?

You’re not even my boss!
Jobs:  Well, I should be!

Listen, Steve.  You’re good.  You’re d*** good.  But you’re an a** hole.   …  Something’s gotta change.
Jobs:  Give me my own project.  I’ll make the best d*** video game you’ve ever seen.

Jobs:  I just can’t work for other people.  I need my independence.

Wozniak:  You can see what you’re working on while you’re working on it!

Jobs:  How can somebody know what they want if they’ve never seen it?

Wozniak:  What about Enterprise Computers?
Jobs:  No.  No Trekkie names.

Jobs:  Apple.  Comes before Atari in the phone book.

Jobs:  Look Paul.  My Dad’s name is Paul.  My middle name is Paul.  I think we’re kindred spirits.

Jobs:  Has to be straighter.
Wozniak:  …Nobody cares about the look of the board.
Jobs:  I do!

Jobs:  Don’t worry about Chris.  He’s just a kid.  He just wants to help.
You’re just a kid!

Paul Terrell:  The average Joe doesn’t want to make their own computer.  The average Joe just wants to buy a computer and plug it in.

Jobs:  Demo it to the consumer.  Sell the parts separately.

Rod Holt:  Allright.  Show me this revolutionary piece of s***.

Jobs:  Can’t have a fan.  Can’t overheat and needs to fit inside a box…this size.

Jobs:  I would say I hope you choke, but that burrito is going to kill you either way.

Mike Markkula:  Is this Apple Computers?
You expecting something else?
Mike:  No.  Well, maybe something a little less Manson family.

Steve’s a fruitarian.  He only eats fruit.

Mike:  I’m willing to take a risk, and this certainly qualifies.

Jobs:  Ninety thousand gets it done for us.  I’m just not sure it gets it done for you.

Jobs (to his pregnant girlfriend):  I’m sorry you have a problem, but it’s not happening to me.

Jobs:  Put the power and the beauty of the world’s technology into the hands of everyday people.

Jobs:  Great artists, Dillon, Picaso, they risked failure.  And if we’re going to do something great, we have got to risk everything.

Jobs:  EVERY thing is a pressing issue.
Wozniak:  Steve, he’s our best programmer.
Jobs:  He’s the best programmer that doesn’t care about our vision.

Wozniak:  This was my chance to do what I loved and do it for fun.  And I thought that’s what you wanted, too.
Jobs:  I’ve grown up, Steve.
Wozniak:  No.  No you’re not.

Board:  Steve’s great, but he’s a time bomb and we need you to diffuse him.

Jobs:  The every man.  That’s our new end user….  Teacher, garbage man…  So we’ve got to make this thing simple.

Jobs:  We don’t accept “fine” and we don’t stop innovating.

Jobs:  You’ve got to have a problem you want to solve, a wrong you want to fix.

Jobs:  You can’t look at the competition and say we’re going to do it better.  You’ve got to say we’re going to do it different.

Board:  Why would [Sculley] leave Pepsi?
Jobs:  Nobody remembers the world’s best soda salesman.

Jobs (in a speech):  You’re not selling computers.  You’re selling what they can do with computers.  A tool for the mind and that is limitless…

Jobs:  Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life?  Or do you want to change the world?  Well, then come with me.

Jobs:  Head of marketing, Pepsi genius, at a loss for words?  It’s him, not the mac [that’s responsible for the failure].

Wozniak:  It’s not about people anymore for you.  It’s about the product and it’s about you.  You’re the beginning and the end of your own world now, Steve, and it’s so sad.  And it’s got to be lonely.

Steve, you are your own worst enemy, and this company’s.

Jobs:  There are sides now and you’re either with me or against me.

Jobs to a young designer:  Why are you here?  There’s no taste.  No style.  …  Why are you still here?
Designer:  There are those of us here who still believe in what you stood for.  …  That’s why we’re here—the hope that we might do it once more.

Jobs:  I want you all to take the day and stop whatever it is you’re on.  Design something new.  I don’t care what it is.  I don’t care if it’s technical.  Just something useful.  Something you care about.

Jobs:  I never lost it [Apple Computers]; it was stolen from me.

Designer:  There’s no sex left in computers.

Jobs:  We’re not Microsoft or Dell, so we need to stop trying to be that.

Jobs:  This company will not make s*** anymore.  …We’re going to make Apple cool again.  We’re going to stop every other project and focus.

Jobs:  Everything around you that you call life was made up by people no smarter than you.  Embrace it [life].  Change it.  Improve it.  Make your mark upon it.

So what are we going to do now?
Jobs:  We’re going to put a dent in the universe.

Jobs:  You may see them as crazy.  We say they are genius because the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.