The Ultimate Life-Quotes

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Red’s Dad:  Get it in your head, son.  You ain’t never gonna be rich.  All you’re ever gonna get handed is the short end.  That’s what I got from my Daddy, and you’ll get it from me.

Hobo Joe:  I’m making my golden list.  Every day, rain or shine, I make a list of 10 thins I’m grateful to God for.

Hobo Joe:  You gotta be grateful now.  You gotta be grateful for the little things if you’re ever gonna be grateful for the big things.  Now you really got something to be grateful for – We’re in Texas!

Red:  No matter what my daddy says, I don’t accept being poor as my destiny.  Next time he sees me, I’ll be a rich man.

Gus:  Don’t worry; I didn’t spit in it.
Red:  I wasn’t worried, but I am now.

Gus:  Gus Caldwell.  Girls call me stud.
Red:  I’m gonna stick with Gus.

Gus:  Hey!  Maybe you should get into the movies!  I hear the 3 Stooges are looking for a fourth one!

Red:  Working for my meals and a few bucks is just surviving.  I don’t want to end up like the fat man, or the old guy, digging posts for a living.  They should be bosses at their age.

Ranch Boss:  You don’t want to be a sheep.  You want to be … a leader of men.

Gus:  I don’t begrudge you making some of that money, but that’s the last time you’ll ever one up me, slick.

Red:  There’s nothing in Texas but ranches.
Man in restaurant:  You’re not looking deep enough.  Trust me.  There’s more in Texas than God knows what to do with.

Gus:  You’re like toe fungus, kid.  Just when I thought I got rid of you, you turn up again.

Hanna:  You’re ambitious, Red, but a proper education is important for your future.
Red:  I just think school is a waste of time.

Hanna:  Everybody needs somebody to believe in them.  I would have believed in you, Red.

Red:  All these other guys get to go off and fight and I get stuck listening to Emily-who-the-heck-cares-Dickinson.

Red:  How can I expect my share if I’m not willing to fight for it?

Gus when he sees Red in combat:  You gotta be kidding me!  Toe Fungus?!?!

Gus and Red:  We might as well be friends.  Might as well.  We always end up together.

Red:  You still thinking about that ranch?
Gus:  You still thinking about oil?

Red:  All I hear in the back of my head is my old man—that once poor, always poor crap.

Hanna:  I know you think it’s all about bank account and oil wells, but it’s not.  It’s right out there.  [Points to their son outside.]

Red:  How’s you wife?
Hamilton:  Actually she died not too long ago.

Red:  Everybody wins!
Hamilton:  Somehow everybody wins means you win first?!
Red:  Then we understand each other.

Red:  What do you know about oil?
Hamilton:  It’s messy.

Red:  Everything is about money.

Geologist:   Minimal damage to cow pasture.
Red:  How minimal?
Geologist:  No idea really, but I just think that “minimal” is an easier way to sell it.

Business man:  You’re here because you want this deal.  Some sort of race to grab all you can….  You are rude, self-serving and greedy.

Hamilton:  That mean’s you’re a billionaire!  How does that feel?
Red:  Not a stitch different.
Hamilton:  You did what you said you would.  You should take pride in that.

Hamilton:  It’s been your dream, but your legacy, your legacy is your family.

Red:  Life’s greatest fortunes are the ones closest to you.