Austenland – Quotes


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Mrs. Wattlesbrook :  What separates the casual, Jane Austen fan from the aficionado?  Is it the number of times she’s read her favorite novel? …  The aficionado does so much more than read her novels and study her world from afar.  A true aficionado [comes to Austenland].

Jane:   This is a L.C. – a Life Changer.  You get to have a real life experience and it ends with a real live ball.
Jane’s friend:  Why don’t you save up for a real life changer?
Austenland representative:  Come back without your friend and we’ll talk.

Jane:  Do you really believe, Mr. Nobley, that you can understand the true worth of a person at one meeting?
Mr. Nobley:  You mean to tell me that within one glance of meeting you have not already formed fast opinions of each person here?
Jane:  It should be a shame if my first impression of you should not prove false.

Ms. Elizabeth Charming:  People who hang themselves, they feel different in the morning.  And then it’s too late.  So feel better!

So, um…you, uh…hail form the former colonies?

I say, who needs the outside when you leaders are such a breath of fresh air?

Jane:  I become a ninja whenever I am startled.  My father would die in shame.
Mr. Nobley:  And here I was thinking any dad would be honored to have a ninja for a daughter.

Ms. Charming:  Why don’t you go for a Captain East?  Look how hot he is and he is a soap star!

Jane:  I’m single because apparently the only good men are fictional.
One of the men:  Touché!

Ms. Charming:  You know, I think being creative is a waste of time and money.

Mr. Nobley:  You don’t annoy me.  You make me nervous.

Jane:  The house is amazing, but it’s kind of like a corset—it looks nice but it’s hard to breathe in.

Jane:  You’re the resident Mr. Darcy, so you’re every girl’s fantasy.

Jane:  Are they acting?  I don’t know what’s real and what’s fantasy.  What happens when the fantasy is over?

Mr. Nobley:  Why are we running?
Jane:  Because man and woman should never be alone unless they are in motion.

Mrs. Charming to Lady Amelia:  You look so beautiful!!!  Pirate-y…Ships ahoy!

Jane:  I don’t want to play anymore.  I want something real.

Jane to Mr. Nobley:  It doesn’t even matter than you weren’t real.  YOU were perfect.  Thank you.

Mr. Nobley:  I saw you in the play.  Neither one of us are capable of pretending.

Jane:  You are a fantasy.
Mr. Nobley:  Jane – have you ever stopped to consider that you may have this all backwards?  You were my fantasy.