Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 2: Quotes


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Announcer:  The scientifically wonderful world of science.

Chester V:  There’s no such thing as small science, only small scientists.

Chester V:  Can your dreams change the world?
Flint:  Yes!

Flint:  By destroying my greatest invention, I made something even better…friends!

Earl:  So, you can’t ague with police tape.

Chester V:  On my word as a hologram, you will all return home, sometime.

Tim:  I don’t get vests.  Is it winter on your torso and summer on your arms?

Tim:  He promised us we’d be home before we know it.  Well, we darn sure know it, and we’re not home yet.

Chester V:  It’s a BS-USB.  A Bi-Systematic Universal Stop Button.

Flint:  Sam— It’s gonna be deadly dangerous with a good chance of death!

Earl:  I’m not a BARista, I’m a POLista.

Earl to his son:  That’s not a chest hair—that’s frosting!

Brent:  I just need someone to cover my shift…  Thanks tree!

This should be as easy as PIE!
Oh no, we’re TOAST!
This is…
I was going to say NUTS, but now I’m afraid to!

Earl:  Stand back everybody; I’m going to cut the cheese!

Earl:  It’s enough to make a grown-man cry.  But not this man.  Get back in there, tear!

Earl (at the end):  It’s enough to make a grown man cry.  And that’s OK.  You go ahead, tear.

Can I say something?
Apparently you can.

Chester V:  Sometimes I wish I kept my bullies around.  So I could squish them with my success!

Flint:  Sure, he used to be a bully, but now he’s my friend.

Dude!  You got special-sauced!

Sam:  A bully turned friend will be a friend to the end.

Tim:  Why am I talking to a pickle?

Sam:  Flint, we should be studying the foodimals, not destroying them.

Flint:  The BS-USB reprogrammed it?
Chester V:  Hello!  Your machine was what I wanted all along!

Sam:  If Chester was really your friend, would he still call you a monkey?

You’re a monster.  Those are living creatures.

Chester V:  Oh no, Flint.  This is embarrassing.  I changed my mind.  And it won’t do to have witnesses.