Grace Unplugged – Quotes


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Grace:  He still treats me like I’m 6 and everything is this teaching moment.

Grace:  Dad, I know what I’m supposed to do and not supposed to do.  I don’t need a ring to remind me.

Grace:  He suffocates me.

Grace:  I’m sorry; I don’t want to be the side kick of the great one-hit-wonder Johnny Trey.

Johnny:  Ditching youth group for a movie is not the point… but that song and dance downstairs…lying to your mama…

Johnny:  You always wanted your life to be all about God, but these days it’s all about you.

Mossy:  When you’re on spotify, i-tunes, Pandora…  If you’re lucky you’ll be opening for [Renae Taylor].  If you’re really lucky, maybe she’ll open for you.

Mossy to Johnny:  I understand that this isn’t your thing anymore, but now you’re squashing her dreams too?

Mossy:  I’m proud of you!

Johnny:  I have made every mistake I could possibly make as a dad, but think about what you’re doing.  Better yet, think about why you’re doing it.  … Doing it behind our backs???

Johnny:  This is not about the music; it’s about everything else that goes along with it.  You’re not ready.

Grace:  Dad, you really came all this way just to tell me I’m wrong again?

Grace:  I don’t care about what you want.  This is what I want.

Quintin:  We definitely need light in the industry.

Interviewer:  About your dad, how has his religion affected you?

Jay Grayson:  What is wrong with your dad?
Grace:  What is not wrong?  He hates what I’m doing.  Not what I’m doing, just how I’m doing it.

Grace:  Maybe I just wasn’t as much into the God thing as I thought.

Johnny:  When I think about her out there and everything that she could be getting into, maybe already has…

Pastor:  Sometimes the best thing we can do is trust Him to take care of them.

Renae Taylor:  Guys like Grayson wouldn’t send their own mom flowers.

Renae Taylor:  You just have to beat them at their own game.  Use them more than they use you.  Your body is your biggest asset.  It’s your currency, and sometimes you have to spend it.

Grace to Mossy:  I want you to leave my personal life alone.

Grace:  Did you pray for my song?
Quintin:  Yeah.
Grace:  Well it didn’t work.

Johnny:  Nothing ever made me happier than playing music with you.

Mossy:  You sound just like your father, and it’s pathetic.  Whatever’s going on inside your head, let it go.

Mossy:  Grace, this is what it feels like when you make it.

Grace:  I’m opening up for Ranae Taylor.  This is huge.  This is why I came out here.

Quintin:  Grace, why do you want this?  Why do you want any of this?  Because if you want it just for yourself, there’s always going to be something missing.
Grace:  You sound like my dad.

Quintin:  We know it in our heads, but do we really own it?  Is Jesus Christ really who we’re living for?  I think your problem’s a bigger problem than your dad.  I think you’re fighting God.  So open for Ranae, don’t open.  Just stop fighting God and when you do that, you’ll find what you’re looking for.