Captain Phillips – Quotes


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Muse:  Next time, bring me something if you want to work.

Captain Rich Phillips:  I mean, we are going around the horn of Africa, right?  Tighten up security…I want everything locked, even in port.

Shane:  There’s no answer at the US Maritime emergency line.

Emergency Dispatch Operator:  Chances are, they’re just fishermen.
Rich:  They’re not here to fish.

Muse:  Brothers, we are going to make a lot of money.

Crew man:  Why doesn’t the ship’s company give us armed guards?

Rich:  Remember:  you know the ship; they don’t.  Keep them away from important things, like the generators…

Rich:  No hostages.

Muse:  Captain, relax.  Nobody get hurt.  No Al Qaeda here.  We just want money.  It’s business.

Muse:  You?  Yankee?
Rich:  Yeah.  Yankee Irish.
Muse:  From now on we call him Irish.

Muse:  Thirty thousand dollars?  What am I?  Do I look like a beggar?

Muse:  Captain, Captain, no one get hurt if you don’t play no game.

Rich:  You said this was just business.  Is this business?  Is this how you do business?

Muse:  Look at me.  Look at me!  I’m the Captain now.

Muse:  You’re bad luck, Irish.

Muse:  $30,000 is nothing.  Millions.

Muse:  Stop whining.  You sound like a little girl.

Muse:  You wanted to come with us.  You asked for this.

Muse:  You have to be ready for anything.

Muse:  Irish, it’s money.  Taxes.  You come through our waters, you pay.
Rich:  We were coming through international waters, bringing food for poor in Africa, even Somalia.
Muse:  You come through our waters with big ships and take all the fish.  What is left for us?
Rich:  You’re fishermen?
Muse:  Yeah.

Rich:  You’re too young to be out here, doing this.
Pirate:  No talking!  No talking!

Command:  Whatever happens, Captain Phillips does not reach Somalia.

Muse:  We’re alone out here and we need you to pick us up.
Muse’s elder:  You messed up getting the ship…[so you’re on your own].

Rich about a pirate using a loaded gun to break a window:  You want to tell him not to do that?  The clip’s still in there.

Muse:  Last year I took a Greek ship.  6 million dollars.
Rich:  6 million dollars?  So what are you doing here?
Muse:  Shut up, Irish.  Too much talking.
Rich:  The problem is not me talking.  The problem is you not listening.

Muse:  No military action.  NO military action.  We are just fishermen.

Rich:  The navy’s not here to protect you.  They’re not here to negotiate either.

Muse:  I want 10 million dollars.

Muse:  Don’t worry.  Everything’s gon’ be fine.  After this, I go to America.  I always want to go to America.

Muse:  I can’t stop, Irish.

Rich:  The navy is not going to let you win.  They can’t let you win.  They’d rather sink this boat than let you win.
Muse:  No, I come too far, Irish.  I can’t give up.

Pirate:  They [American military] have no respect for us.  They think we’re playing games.

Rich:  You’re not just a fisherman.  You’re not just a fisherman.

SEAL commander:  I’m the negotiator.
Muse:  Insurance man?

Muse:  Everything good, Irish.  Everything gon’ be OK.  Get navy ship.  Get dollars.  You go home.

Muse:  It was supposed to be easy.  I take ship. Ransom.  Everybody go home.

Rich:  You had $30,000, a boat back; it wasn’t enough.
Muse:  I got bosses.  They got rules.
Rich:  We all got bosses.

Rich:  Fishermen.  Pirating.  There’s got to be more.
Muse:  Maybe in America.  Maybe in America.

Rich:  Tell my family, “I love you.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry I’m not there with you.”

American Military to Muse:  Captain Phillips is free.  All of your friends are dead.  You’re going to America.

Doctor:  Did all of this blood come from your eyebrow?
Rich:  No, not all of it!