Thor: The Dark World – Quotes


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Narrator:  Long before the birth of light, there was darkness.

[The Aether’s] power is too great [to destroy it]…  Bury it deep so no one will ever find it.

Odin:  We’re not gods—we’re born; we live; we die—just like people do.

Odin:  Your birth right was to die, as a child, cast out on a frozen rock.

Thor:  Hello.  I accept your surrender.  [Blasts him to pieces.]  Anyone else?
Soldier:  Perhaps next time we should start with the big one.

Odin:  You must think I’m a piece of bread that needs to be buttered so heavily.

Odin:  Human lives are fleeting.  They’re nothing.  You’d be better served by what lies in front of you.

Odin:  There are 9 realms.  Good kings of Asgard must focus on more than one.

Jane to Darcy:  Is there a point to this?  Because there really needs to be a point to all this.

Darcy after Jane bangs the equipment:  That’s what I did!  I kind of expected you to do something a little more scientific.

Darcy:  An astro-physicist should know how to change her own ring tone.

Darcy:  I’m not getting stabbed in the name of science.

Darcy, after the kids get a semi to spin in mid air:  That doesn’t seem right.

Darcy:  I wanna throw something.  Jane, give me your shoe.

Jane to Thor:  As excuses go, it’s not…terrible.

Darcy:  Look at you!  Still all muscly and everything.

Odin:  She does not belong here any more than a goat belongs at a banquet table.

Jane:  You told your Dad about me?

Frigga:  A good king admits his faults.

Frigga to Loki:  You’re always so perceptive about everyone but yourself.

It’s as if they resent being in prison.

Odin:  Despite all I have survived, my queen still worries over me.
Frigga:  It is because I have worried over you that you have survived.

Loki:  You must be truly desperate to come to me for help.

If you even think about betraying him…
Loki:  You’ll kill me?  Evidently there will be a line.

Are you sure you wouldn’t rather punch your way out?

Loki:  Well done!  You just decapitated your grandfather.

Thor:  Thank you for your commentary.  It’s not distracting at all.

Loki:  If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Thor:  [Mom] wouldn’t want us to fight.
Loki:  Well, she wouldn’t exactly be shocked.

Thor:  I wish I could trust you.
Loki:  Trust my rage.

Darcy:  Why are you smiling?
Selvig:  There’s nothing more reassuring than realizing the world’s crazier than you are.

Loki:  You still don’t trust me, brother?
Thor:  Would you?
Loki:  No.  I wouldn’t.

Loki:  All I ever wanted was you and Odin to kneel at my feet.

Selvig:  Your brother is not coming, is he?
Thor:  Loki is dead.
Selvig:  Oh, thank God! …  Sorry.

Darcy:  Do you even know what these things do?
Ian:  No.
Darcy:  Neither do I.

Darcy:  He’s gonna come back.  Except, last time it was 2 years.
Jane:  It’s only been two days!

Thor:  I’d rather be a good man than a great king.

Odin:  I have one son who wanted the throne too much, and one who wants it too little.  Is this to be my legacy?

Thor:  Loki died with honor.  I shall try to live the same.