The Christmas Candle – Quotes

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Light this, and pray.

In a world illuminated by modern marvels, who needs the light of a simple candle?

David Richmond:  This is my pulpit now:  soup, soap and salvation.

Lady Camdon:  Any able-bodied man can serve a bowl of soup, but only a few have a gift like yours.

David Richmond:  What then is this light that draws men to our heavenly Father?  Is it signs and wonders?  Angels and miracles?  Of course not.  It is good works.   [In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.  Matthew 5:16]

David:  Why one Christmas candle and not fifteen?

David:  I see no reason to raise false hopes or superstitions.

Lady Camdon:  What our people is HOPE and you can give it to them.

David:  All their hopes, wrapped up in one candle.

David:  The first candle of Advent is hope, but hope in what?

David:  You may have one candle to give, but I hope to give everyone a little light this Christmas.

Lady in the parish:  I’ve been praying for a companion.
David:  Why waste a prayer, when I can meet the need?
Lady in the parish:  So you’ll find me a knitting companion?!
David, reluctantly:  I…shall.

David:  And the light shineth in Gladbury, but the people understand it not.

David:  Does your neighbor need a miracle this Christmas?  Well, why not be that miracle?

David:  For too long the church has stumbled around in the dark ages when it should be lighting the way.

Thirty candles, and only one prayer can be answered.

Parish in response to electric lighting in the church:  It’s witchcraft in the house of the Lord!

Emily:  All he wants is a simple prayer.
David:  Well, if it’s so simple, you do it.  I don’t believe in miracles.

David:   You asked me to fill your pulpit and all I did was empty your church.
Lady Camdon:  Don’t take all the credit for it.

Lady Camdon:  Miracles are part of our inheritance, Father.

Lady Camdon:  Your doubts don’t trouble me, reverend.  On the contrary, they inspire my faith.

David:  My wife and daughter died of consumption.  I prayed.  I even believed for a miracle, but God did nothing. … Some things cannot be restored.

David:  Hope’s too great a risk.
Emily:  But I wonder what you risk living without it?

David:  You’re giving the candle to me?
The Haddingtons:  Well, you weren’t the first choice.

The Haddingtons:  We meant no harm.
Emily:  But you’ve given us false hope.

Mrs. Haddington:  I don’t have to see it to believe it that our son will come home.

David:  Every minister aspires to leave his mark on his parish.  But truth be told, Gladbury left its mark on me.