The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – Quotes

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Gandalf to Thorin:  Take back your homeland!

Galdalf:  What did you find?
Bilbo:  My courage.

We’ve lost the path.

Legolas:  Is this your brother?
Gloin:  That’s my wife!!

Orc:  Kill her!  Kill the she-elf!

Ratagast:  This is not a nice place to meet.

Gandalf:  We’ve been blind, Ratagast.  And in our blindness, the enemy…is preparing for war.

Gandalf:  In time, all evil things come forth.

Dwarf:  We do not have to like him, we simply have to pay him.

Master of Lake Town:  Commoners, they’ve always been ugly.

Master of Lake Town:  Next thing you know, they’ll start asking questions, forming committees…

Master of Lake Town:  Who would have the nerve to question my authority?

Bard’s Daughter:  Da – why are there dwarves coming out of our toilet?

Bard:  Had the aim of men been better that day, much would have been different.

Legolas:  Return with me.  He will forgive you.
Tauriel:  But I will not.  I will not forgive myself.

Tauriel:  Tell me, when did we let evil become stronger than us?

Tauriel:  Will we just stay inside our walls while darkness descends?

Thorin:  Prophecy – can it really be true?

Thorin:  If we succeed, all will share in the wealth of the mountain.

Bard:  You have no right to enter that mountain.
Thorin:  I have the only right.

Bilbo:  I promised I would do this, and I think I must try.

Dragon:  We are legion.

Orc:  It is over.  There is no light, wizard, that can defeat this darkness.

Bilbo:  Truly, the stories and songs fall utterly short.

Bilbo:  I’m a barrel rider.

Bilbo:  Oh Smaug, the tyrannical.

Bilbo:  Truly, you have no equal on this earth.

Bard:  Listen to me.  Do you not know what is coming?

Smaug:  I am fire.  I am death.

What have we done?